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Enjoying Chocolate with Food Intolerances

We know that many of our chocolate lovers are faced with food intolerances but still want to enjoy a bar of Monty’s! In addition to this many of our customers want to have a good understanding of what’s in their chocolate. At Chocolate Towers we’re often asked about how our chocolate is made, so to help you when you are choosing what to buy here are some common questions:

What is a Vegan?
A vegan is someone who doesn’t eat meat, fish, poultry or use other animal products and by products such as eggs, dairy products, honey, leather, fur, silk, wool, cosmetics and soaps derived from animal products. This means our Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate is not suitable for vegans as these products contain dairy. Product Recommendations: The majority of our plain dark chocolate is Vegan and we also offer Vegan Truffles such as Crème de Cacao, Moondance, Sunrise and Quick Fix. Montezuma’s Kingdom Bars in Cherry and Double Chocolate are also vegan friendly, and our dark chocolate buttons are suitable too. If you are a vegan we’d encourage you to refer to the individual ingredients against each product on our website for further information just to make sure you are happy before you buy or eat.

Are your products dairy free?

Many of our products are dairy free – see our vegan section above for specific recommendations. Do remember that both our Milk and White Chocolate aren’t suitable for those following a dairy free diet, and we’d also ask that you refer the individual ingredients against each product on our website for further information.

Do you produce diabetic chocolates?
We’ve never produced diabetic chocolate as we have never chosen to replace the sugar with an artificial sweetener. In reality this is because we always consider the taste, texture and colour of Montezuma’s chocolate before any other considerations and despite lots of experimenting we’ve never been satisfied with the results. However, we do offer our Absolute Black Bar, which contains 100% cocoa and is therefore naturally sugar free.

Do you use wheat syrup?
Wheat syrup is used in some of our products but the product we use is certified as Gluten Free. Wheat Syrup under 20ppm (Parts Per Million) is acceptable for Coeliacs and the ingredient we use contains under 20ppm. Product Recommendation: Chocolates containing biscuit, meringue, butterscotch are NOT suitable for those who require a gluten free product.

Do you use Soya Lecithin? Soya Lecithin is used in some of our chocolate products as an emulsifier. We use it in some of our ranges due to the characteristics and concentration of cocoa butter which sometimes requires an emulsifier to aid melting, tempering and viscosity during production. No Soya or Soya Lecithin is used in our Drinking Chocolate or Organic Chocolate Bars. Please refer the individual ingredients against each product on our website for further information.

Do you use palm oil?
No Palm Oil or variation is used in our products as this is not sustainable – something we always strive to be. Instead, we use Coconut Oil.

Tell me more about the sugar Montezuma’s uses
Our sugar is mechanically refined and non-bleached Cane Sugar.

Tell me more about Hogsback Chocolate Lager
Hogsback Chocolate Lager is not suitable for Vegetarians due to the brewing process as there is a small chance that it may become contaminated with ‘Finings’ (an agent used in the process). Although the levels will be very low, for that reason this beer cannot be classified as Vegetarian Beer. Montezuma’s doesn’t currently have a license to sell this Beer within our stores, but we do sell it online. By purchasing this product via our website, you are confirming that you are at least 18 years of age.

Are your chocolates Dutch Processed?
Montezuma’s chocolate is Dutch Processed. Dutch Processing refers to chocolate that has been treated with an alkalising agent to lower the acidity, increase solubility and modify the colour, thereby giving the chocolate a much smoother, fuller flavour.

Are your products Halal Certified?
Montezuma’s ranges are not currently Halal Certified.

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  1. Do you have any bars which do not contain vanilla? I have recently been diagnosed with an allergy to vanillin.
    Thank you for your help.

    Rosi Hanson | October 26, 2016 at 8:58 am () ()