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No. 2 - Chilli

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No. 2 - Chilli

NEW format same taste!

"Hot Shots" are perfectly formed chocolate discs that melt in hot milk with out any fuss or bother to make a rich mug of hot chocolate! 15 grams melts quickly and means none of the mess of the more traditional hot chocolates. You can of course eat one while another melts!

We are told that the Aztecs liked a drink called 'chocolatl' which by our standards was a bitter and unpalatable mix of cocoa beans, maize meal and chilli. We hope you agree this is somewhat better than their concoction.

Dark Chocolate and Chilli - 73% Cocoa


Min Net Weight:  300g


Vegan - May contain dairy and nut traces - Free from: Gluten, colouring, GM, soya & preservatives - Organically grown - GB-Org-05 - EU/Non-EU Agriculture
Organic dark chocolate (organic cocoa solids 73%, organic sugar & organic ground vanilla) & organic chilli powder (<1%)
How? The golden rule: don't rush it. Add one shot to your favourite hot milk and stir vigorously for several minutes to add air. Allow the chocolate time to fully dissolve.