Have you ever wondered what it's like to work for a chocolate company? Here's an access all areas insight into the people who run Montezuma's!

1. What is your role at Montezuma’s? 
E-commerce assistant

2. What’s the first thing you usually do when you get to work?
Check my e-mails with a cup of coffee!

3. What’s your favourite part about your job?
Aside from the chocolate? The variety! One moment I'm chatting to lovely customers on the telephone and the next I'm analysing data! 

4. What’s your fondest memory of working at Montezuma’s?
Running the Montezuma's Chocolate Roadshow a few Summer's ago, attending food festivals across the UK and spreading the joy of great chocolate! What an adventure!

5. What’s your favourite Montezuma’s chocolate? 
Minted :-)