The Innovator

Way before retailers started charging us all 5p for a plastic carrier bag we came up with the idea of asking our customers for a donation if they needed to use one of our bags.  This was way back in 2010 and of course, our bags have never been plastic but we quickly discovered that our customers were immensely generous when asked if they minded putting their loose change in our Children on the Edge charity box in exchange for taking one of our paper carrier bags.  Mostly they are happy to be relieved of their pockets full of change but if they don’t have any coins on them, that’s not a problem either, they nearly always offer next time they’re in store.  Likewise, many customers drop a coin in the box even when they don’t need a bag.

We have worked with Children on the Edge for many years now, sometimes donating chocolate and other times raising money through various initiatives, and we always love hearing more about their work with marginalised children around the world.  We have regular visits from them to chat to our teams about this in more detail and in turn our store teams love to tell our customers about the amazing work COTE do to help restore the full ingredients of a childhood to these children living in desperate situations.   One of our Chichester team was so animated in her discussions with a customer that he wrote out a cheque for £1000 on the spot!  But no matter how large or small, every single coin that you drop in to the COTE box when you take one of our bags goes directly to them so please keep donating when you shop in our stores.

Since 2010 we have raised a whopping £90,000 just on the Bags of Cash scheme and that’s thanks to your amazing generosity. Not bad for a few paper bags!