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Festival Bars

We are turning 18 this year so to help us to celebrate our coming of age, we are off to our first festival and have created a range of colourful and unique chocolate bars with exciting new flavour combinations to help us to party!



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Try our Unique Chocolate Bars to Celebrate our 18th Birthday

 “I can’t believe it’s been 18 years since Simon and I set up the business following our life changing trip to South America. We’ve loved developing our chocolate ranges over the years, and taking inspiration from different flavour combinations, ingredients and cultures. In fact the Festival concept for our new product range was inspired by Holi, the Hindu festival which signifies the arrival of spring and has become known as the happiest festival on earth. We have had the most fun since founding Montezuma’s so what better way to celebrate our coming of age than by creating some of our most exciting and pleasurable chocolates to date.” Helen Pattinson


Our limited edition, unique chocolate bars for the festival include:


Dark Chocolate with Rose & Vanilla

A rich dark chocolate bar, with a floral sweetness and vanilla to provide a rounded flavour.


Milk Chocolate with Coffee & Cocoa Nibs

This milk chocolate bar is the ultimate blend of coffee and chocolate, with tiny pieces of cocoa for the perfect crunch.