The complete chocolate guide for Christmas

The complete chocolate guide for Christmas

Need help with Christmas planning? There’s a lot to think about – Christmas calendars, tree decorations, stocking fillers, gifts and more. Worry not, here’s a helpful guide to make this year’s winter adventure the most seamless and stress-free time of the year.

First things first, Advent calendars?

The first thing to consider are Advent calendars. Having yourself a merry little chocolate every day is one of the most exciting parts of the jolly season for many. It certainly is one of ours! It’s no wonder it’s become such a massive tradition.

Advent calendars come in many variations. Milk and dark chocolate are the most classic. For kids, a milk and white chocolate mix adds a little surprise and variety. If you’re vegan there’s not just dark chocolate, but also milk chocolate alternatives! Check out our guide on vegan advent calendars here.

Calendars don’t just come with chunks of chocolate. On the next level are truffle calendars. 25 truffles of 5 luxury flavours mean every day begins with a surprise.

O’ Christmas Tree, O’ Christmas tree, where art thy decorations?

Baubles began hanging from the tree in the 1840s, as glass fruits. Alongside dangling chocolates, they’re a great way to bring your Christmas tree to life. An even more incredible way are our beautifully designed truffle baubles that combine the two into one. With these upon thy tree, it’ll truly be beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

You have vibrant red and blue baubles to choose from. The red contains our beloved salted caramel in a layer of milk chocolate, with white chocolate hand-painted across the shell. Blue is filled with vanilla dark chocolate truffles, also with the white chocolate.

The shell can even be used as a practical container, once the chocolates inside have mysteriously disappeared 😉

Need ideas for stocking fillers?

Along with the tangerine, don’t forget chocolate.

To get in the perfect Christmas spirit, you don’t need to build a snowman. Our truffle filled chocolate snowmen come in white, milk, dark, and even 100%. They even melt in your mouth just as well as snow!

If you or anyone loves snowball fights, you’ll have to check out our chocolate snowballs. There’re two options – milk chocolate peanut butter and sweet caramel. Both are covered in white chocolate.  On second thoughts, don’t use them as snowballs – someone else might try to catch them with their mouth…

Perfect for the stocking are also our cute Christmas truffle bags, containing 4 unique and toasty flavours. These include frosted cranberry, orange and nutmeg, cherry and brandy, and vanilla cream.

How about goodies under the Christmas tree?

Make your loved one feel appreciated, by getting more than just your ordinary gift. A hamper can be very special and memorable. They contain a massive variety of presents, professionally hand-wrapped into one luxury package. We pride ourselves on innovative and extraordinary quality and flavours. Thus our hampers are very varied, so there’s something for everyone. Check out some of our hampers here.

A great gift is the 4 Christmas bar collection. There’s also our massive 300g Polar Bar, made of milk chocolate with caramelised hazelnuts and cranberries – perfect for sharing (or not).

If anyone you know is particularly a chocoholic, there’s nothing they’d love more than a Chocolate Club Subscription. With it, 600g of chocolate is delivered every month, right to their doorstep. It contains the finest chocolates, with innovative flavours different with every delivery. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

What if I want a more personalised gift?

A customisable chocolate bar is a great shout. Build a Bar allows you to choose the flavour, colour, and print a message on the front of the bar. Write their name or a loving message. Do you have any good inside-jokes? Likewise, you can also personalise your own truffle boxes.

Additionally, try going into a store and building your own hamper!

Make sure not to forget

Under no circumstances, whatever you do, do not forget the hot cocoa. This year you can spice it up with an extra Christmassy cup of hot choco. Warming ginger and orange or cooling nutmeg is beyond perfect for the cold evenings.

As an alternative to mince pies or Christmas pudding, we have a great spin on Christmas classic Stollen. It’s a whopping 450g log of marzipan, swirled with a nutty chocolate praline, in a dark chocolate shell, with milk and white chocolate drizzled on top.

Looking for something truly special?

If you’re wanting to make this Christmas stand out, you’ll be blown away by our giant Christmas tree centerpiece. Made of milk chocolate, it’s hand-painted with white chocolate and detailed with exquisite gold leaf. Weighing at 1.3kg, all the family will be rockin’ around this Christmas tree.

We hope this helps, and we wish you a very merry Christmas!

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