5 Things that Make Vegan Chocolate a Healthier Alternative

5 Things that Make Vegan Chocolate a Healthier Alternative

Is dark chocolate healthy?

It goes without saying that at Montezuma’s we love chocolate, but sadly this may not be the healthiest obsession in the world. Not that chocolate is actually bad for you, but if you are conscious about your health, and what you’re eating then you should look to switch from milk or white chocolate to vegan chocolate. We’re all about everything in moderation, and a little bit of what you fancy now and again will never hurt you, but for those of you who still want the healthier option, we’ve delved into why vegan chocolate is the best choice.

Milk and white chocolate both contain high levels of sugars and fats that aren’t necessarily the best for you. However, our dark chocolate only has 3g of sugars per 100g. The sugars in our milk and white chocolate are obviously not harmful if eaten in moderation, but, like anything, if you enjoy it to excess then these sugars and fats can create issues with weight gain and other health issues. Dark chocolate also has a much higher percentage of cocoa solids, and these are a great source of antioxidants and nutrients. A 25g portion of dark chocolate (70-80% cocoa) contains 3g fibre (10% of the DRV), 0.6mg Iron (7% of the RNI), 14mg magnesium (5% of the RNI) and 0.2mg copper (17% of the RNI). That’s a load of nutrients from one little bar of dark chocolate!

Our favourite healthier chocolate options

Our 100% pure cocoa range, Absolute Black, is our bestselling vegan chocolate but it’s not for the faint hearted, so don’t say we didn’t warn you! The higher the % level of cocoa, the better it is for you as the flavanols contained in the cocoa are known to improve blood flow and reduce blood pressure. Absolute Black is our absolute favourite, but if it sounds a little scary, then we have a whole range of delicious dark, high % cocoa chocolate to choose from, including our best selling Royal Mint and Sea Dog - this best selling dark vegan chocolate bar is made with a sprinkle of salt and squeez of lime and has been a firm favourite here at Chocolate HQ since it was first whipped up in our chocolate kitchen!

We also have a new range of chocolate which is made without milk - Like No Udder. This delicious milk chocolate alternative is made with rice milk instead of cows milk, which makes is as smooth and as creamy as regular milk chocolate but is made without dairy. 

We couldn't list our favourite dark vegan chocolate without mentioning our famous Dark Chocolate Buttons. At a perfectly balanced 74% cocoa, our dark chocolate are perfect for sharing and are available in a handy bag or a whopping 900g kilner jar! Chocolate buttons are the perfect example of enjoying a treat in moderation; a small handful will really satisfy any chocolate craving. 

Ok, too much about the whole healthier vegan thing, we need a lie down with a bar of dark chocolate!

Happy eating!

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