A-Level Results Day Gifting

August 15th. The day A-levels are released. A day of reckoning. It’s a day many live in fear of, and a day many can’t wait for. Exams are over and the stage is set. Whichever side a student stands, however they’re feeling, it’s safe to say it’s a stressful period for the vast majority. At the end of the day, maintaining sanity is an achievement in itself – and not just for students, but family as well.

It’s typical to give students small gifts, to congratulate and celebrate the end of this chapter in their lives. How should you go about it? The one piece of advice that applies to all, is make it personal. Show you put the effort in, and it’ll be appreciated much more. But what to get? Well, they’re probably too old for a Build a Bear (though personally, I’ll never get too old for my good ole Mr Snuggles!).

Find something more appropriate, like confectionery. “Personal???” I hear you exclaim, “that’s as generic as it gets.” Yes, confectionery can be perfectly personalised.

“Where could I find this?” you ask. With our Build a Bar, you can choose from a wide range of flavours, write a personal message that’ll be printed on the front, and even choose the packaging colour. Make it their favourite colour. Finally, it’s the finest quality, and all for just £5.

So, chin-up, and go forth; we wish everyone the greatest luck!

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