Author: Jacob Dewhurst

  1. Chocolate, cherry, & coconut vegan bars

    Chocolate, cherry, & coconut vegan bars

    This weekend we are celebrating World Vegan Day, so we have teamed up with amazing SpamellaB to create a delicious vegan recipe. These scrumptious vegan chocolate, cherry, & coconut bars are not only a pleasure to eat but also to make.  It is important to us to produce delicious chocolate for those avoiding dairy or who choose

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  2. No Tricks, Just Treats

    No Tricks, Just Treats

    We've taken a no tricks, just treats approach to Halloween this year with our devilishly delicious treats. These recipes are bound to keep you and your family entertained this half term. For a limited time only, we have a great offer that will let you bake until your heart’s desire. From now until the 1st November, we are offering 20% off all

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  3. Hot Chocolate Bar Creations

    Hot Chocolate Bar Creations

    Winter is coming and there’s a chill in the air, it’s the time to focus on all things warming! We think the best winter warmer out there, is a mug of steaming hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire. We’re still working on bringing back our delicious hot chocolate discs but until we do, we’ve got a whole host of ways to make a special hot

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  4. Good food, Good Mood!

    Good food, Good Mood!

    It goes without saying, that here at Montezuma’s we love chocolate, but what you may not know is that we’re all about balance; eating what we love and staying healthy in both body and spirit. It is no secret that chocolate is not normally considered the healthiest food in the world, however it can make you feel good and there is a good reason

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