Branded Corporate Chocolate Bars 

Branded Corporate Chocolate Bars 

When it comes to the world of corporate gifts, the vast array of products available can be extremely overwhelming. Yes, you could go for some branded stationary, but does anyone REALLY need another branded notebook or calendar sat on their desk? Let’s be honest, most of them will probably end up in the recycling binAsk yourself, how valued do you feel as a client or employee every time you receive something like this at Christmas? We all get them every year 
What you need to find is a gift that makes the recipient feel special and thought of. Something that makes them feel like a valued member of your team and that you appreciate everything they have done for you over the years. Branded notebook doesn’t come to mind, does it? 

We might be slightly biased, but we wholeheartedly believe that our corporate chocolate is the ideal gift for clients and staff alike, and here’s why. 

A personal touch

With Montezuma’s corporate gifts you will receive the finest quality chocolate, the option to include personalised branding and a dedicated contact to help you through the entire process, from the initial quotes all the way through to delivery. We can offer beautifully crafted messages handwritten by our team and individual fulfilmentensuring that your gifts are delivered directly to the recipient’s door. We’re always on hand to make sure that you enjoy the experience as much as your client will enjoy the chocolate.  

Make them feel special

We offer an extensive range of personalised gifts, that will truly make the recipient feel valued and special. From our Build a Bar to personalised truffle boxes, Montezuma’s personalised gifts will make the recipient really feel like the gift has been carefully selected and crafted just for them. You can choose from a variety of colours, gift messages and the option to add brand logos. Our team will have a chat with you to figure out how we are really going to make the recipients day when they receive their beautiful, thoughtful corporate gift. 

Extraordinary taste without compromise

At Montezuma’s we only use the best ingredients and always make sure that we are trading fairly when it comes to sourcing our cocoa and ingredients. We don’t add any nasties like palm oil and 100% of our range is either recyclable, compostable or biodegradable. Even the tape that we use to wrap up our parcels is eco-friendlyYou don’t have to worry about our chocolate leaving a bad taste in your mouth.  

Something for everyone

We’re proud that we have a huge catalogue of different, delicious chocolates, meaning there really is something for everyone. If you’re looking for Vegan chocolate, we have a variety of chocolate bars, truffles, buttons and truffle bites to choose from. We also have a mix of milk, white and dark chocolates, so you don’t need to worry about not being able to find that perfect gift.  

Our mixed chocolate truffle collections are always a great option for chocolate corporate gifts. We have 5 different options, in different sizes to choose from depending on budgets. The recipient will get to try different delicious flavours and you can personalise the sleeve with your brand logo and a personalised message. 

Chocolate button jars also make the ideal gift, and weighing in at 900g, the recipient is guaranteed to feel appreciated. The buttons come in a stunning glass jar and can again be wrapped in a fully personalised sleeve. The jars come in either milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or our new addition, 100% Absolute Black chocolate buttons. 

As mentioned previously, we also offer a Build A Bar service, if you’re looking for something on a tight budget, but don’t want to compromise on personalisation. You can choose from 5 different bar sleeve covers, that again can have a logo and gift message added. Not only that, but you can choose the chocolate bars inside too. So as you can see, there really is a lot to choose from. 

Our Favourite Chocolate Bars

To help inspire you iyou’re still wondering what to choose, here is a selection of our favourite dark chocolate bars: 

Jake: “My favourite bar has got to be the Fitzroy bar, great dark chocolate done simply!”  

Charlotte: “I just can’t choose a bar as I love them all but my stand out favourite dark chocolate product is our Dark Chocolate Button Jars, perfect gifts for all occasions and also great for some self-gifting!” 

Kate: “Although not strictly a dark chocolate bar, my favourite is Dark Side – the perfect balance between milk and dark chocolate at 54% cocoa” 

Emily: “Sea Dog is my favourite dark chocolate bar; the lime and sea salt blend works perfectly. It’s my go to afternoon snack at the office. A close second would be Black Forest, I love the blend of the cherry with the dark chocolate” 

Find the Perfect Corporate Gift

If you like what you’ve heard so far, and would like some personalised corporate chocolates please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly corporate gifts team, we’d love to hear from you. We can have an informal chat to get an idea of quantities and what you’re looking for, and we can put together a personalised package and quotes for you and we can go from there. Pop us an email at [email protected] or give us a call on 01243 510510. We’re looking forward to hearing from you. 

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