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Monty’s Bakers, is a series of blog posts dedicated to one of our favourite past times; baking! Using Montezuma’s chocolates, such as milk and dark chocolate couverture buttons, we invent new chocolate based recipes and put our spin on well loved classics. We have even been using our very own Montezuma’s Chocolate Cookbook for baking and cooking inspiration. Perfect for all budding Chefs, here you will find recipes for Flapjacks, chocolate cake, cookie pots, Jaffa Cakes and much much more!

Monty’s Bakers – 100% Cocoa Flapjacks with Almonds & Peanut Butter

Absolute Black with Whole Almonds and Peanut Butter Flapjack Most people who meet me are not surprised to find that I am passionate about all things chocolate but then what they also quickly discover is that I love sport, exercise and nutrition. In fact, when I retire (or in the parallel life that I’m going to create), I would love … Continue reading

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Emsworth Cookery School – Chocoholic’s Choice

Just a few miles from us at Chocolate HQ, our friends at the Emsworth Cookery School have been busy creating a cookery class dedicated to working with chocolate and this is what they got up to during their recent class.  If you’re interested in learning more about cooking with our favourite food, have a look at their site but … Continue reading

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Monty’s Bakers – Chocolate Tiffin

Wow Tiffin Recipe – Great for Kids or Adults Parties! Caroline, our Monty’s Mega Baker, is back with a delicious Chocolate Tiffin. We’ve tested a generous amount at Chocolate HQ and begged her to share the secret recipe with us! Ingredients 400g digestive biscuits (you can use other biscuits) 125g butter 75g cranberries (raisins or dates can also be used) … Continue reading

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Chocolate Tiffin Recipe

Monty’s Bakers – Chocolate & Apple Strudel

Hi my name is Lu, here at Monty’s I am the office manager and assistant to finance and directors – clearly, you could tell I have fingers in too many pies. Or strudels, as the case may be today, as I have been given a bag of gorgeously smelling apples , which would be a sin not to turn into … Continue reading

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Chocolate & Apple Strudel Recipe

Monty’s Bakers – Soft Oaty Milk Chocolate & Raisin Cookies

Hello, I’m Charlie and I work in our Direct Department here at Monty’s HQ. I am a very experienced eater of all things sweet – mostly chocolate, but I do have a soft spot for cake and cookies. You won’t often find me in baking in the kitchen, my culinary expertise sadly only extends to savoury foods, however these particular … Continue reading

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Chocolate and Raisin Oat Cookies

Monty’s Bakers – Zingy Satsuma Jaffa Cakes

Hello! I’m Rosy, I’m the store manager at the Montezuma’s shop in Winchester. Our store has lots of history so I wanted to share a timeless classic, Jaffa Cakes. Dark chocolate and orange is one of my favourite flavour combinations (the Monty’s Sunrise truffle is delicious!) and the zingy satsuma jelly really sets these ones apart. Makes 12 For the … Continue reading

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Satsuma Jaffa Cakes

Monty’s Bakers – Chocolate & Apricot Flapjacks!

Hello, it’s Caroline again, it appears that I’ve been appointed by many as the official office baker! This has become one of the Monty’s office favourites – my Chocolate, Apricot, Fruit and Seed Flapjack, they never seem to last very long in the Mess when they arrive! They are quick and easy to make and taste just divine! Chocolate, Fruit … Continue reading

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Chocolate & Apricot Flapjacks

Monty’s Bakers – Cookie Pots

Hello I’m Demelza, head of our e-commerce department here at Monty’s. I’m not particularly renowned for my cooking skills (just ask the team about the great microwave fire of 2014…) however this is my go-to dessert! It’s so simple, but more importantly delicious and I always make sure there are enough buttons left to snack on whilst this is baking! … Continue reading

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Cookie Pot Recipe

Monty’s Bakers – Easter Cake

Hello I’m Caroline and I work at Montezuma’s as the Receptionist/Administrator.  I’ve only been with the Company for a few months, so this is my first Chocolate Baking Challenge!  I thought I would push my baking/decorating skills trying this Montezuma’s Fully Loaded Easter Egg Cake!  Be warned… this is not a cake for the calorie counter! This is a normal … Continue reading

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Monty’s Bakers – Chocolate Brownies

Hello I’m Amy, Assistant Manager at the Chichester shop.  I couldn’t wait to try out a recipe from the Monty’s cookbook so I decided to have a go at the Brownies! WARNING: These are ridiculously scrummy, moist and moreish -make sure you have plenty of people to share with, you have been warned!  As it is, I sent my other … Continue reading

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chocolate brownies