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The concept is simple; we send out a great package of chocolate every month in a suitably nifty box that should slip through your letterbox, leaving you to sit back and enjoy the experience. Our monthly chocolate deliveries by post contain a fantastic assortment of chocolate truffles and chocolate bars, as well as other treats such as chocolate buttons and drinking chocolate.

The Real Chocolate Club makes the perfect self indulgent treat or original gift for any discerning chocolate lover! Be the first to try our new and innovative taste creations and have your say on what gets included or which chocolates make the main Montezuma’s Collections! Just feedback via email or via our Facebook & Twitter pages.

5 reasons you’ll love our ‘Real Chocolate Club’

600 grams of chocolate! With our Chocolate Club, you’ll be receiving an amazing 600 grams of chocolate through your front door every month. That makes our chocolate club one of the best value around! In fact, many other chocolate subscriptions offer half the chocolate for a similar price. Straight through your letter box every month Your box will be delivered … Continue reading

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Montezuma’s Real Chocolate Club

At Montezuma’s we have been cleverly making a monthly members box for our chocaholic fans for the last eight years! We have given the chocolate club box many redesigns over this time but the concept has stayed simple, you get a great package of chocolate every month, in a suitably nifty box that should slip through your letterbox, leaving you … Continue reading

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