Eco-Friendly Easter & Sustainable Easter Eggs

Eco-Friendly Easter & Sustainable Easter Eggs

We started Montezuma’s from a kitchen table 20 years ago. Most of us on the team can remember the time when Easter eggs were wrapped in foil, nestled in a plastic cocoon, and packaged in a shiny cardboard box. Of course, the chocolate inside was a treat we looked forward to, but it came with a mountain of packaging, none of it recyclable but all of it destined for landfill. So once we were in a position to choose how we designed our own packaging, we knew that we wanted it to be better. If the chocolate could be great, why not the pack it came in? And that’s exactly the task we set ourselves.

Eco-friendly Easter


How to have an Eco-friendly Easter

It should come as no surprise that Easter is one of the biggest celebrations in the chocolate calendar, but it’s also traditionally a festival of superfluous single-use packaging. And that didn’t sit well with us. So, from 2020, all our packaging is as eco-friendly as we could possibly make it - including our chocolate Easter eggs and Easter chocolate treats. Are we the first chocolate manufacturer in the UK to pioneer environmentally friendly packaging? We’ll need to check that - but we’re pretty confident that we’re the only ones who have gone to the extreme lengths of ensuring adhesives, packaging tape and even pallet wrap is sustainable. It’s a claim we’re proud to make but hopefully it will be short lived!  So this Easter, bite into a chocolate egg, button or truffle that rocks your world and is eco-friendly.

Order your box of milk chocolate button eggs this Easter, for example, or send someone special an Absolute Black 100% cocoa egg (with chocolate buttons) and the treat isn’t just on the inside. All our Easter eggs and gifts come in packaging that is either recyclable, compostable or biodegradable (not to mention a spanking new package design).


The Quest for Biodegradeable Packaging

Where once we used metallised plastic, we now use 100% paper and card. Sounds simple, but it turned out to be fiendishly complicated - because it’s not just the card, but the ink and the finish. Ignore one tiny element and it’s back to the drawing board. Even the windows on our boxes are made from biodegradable wood pulp, while the glue that sticks the boxes together is also eco-friendly. And it’s more than the packaging you see or hold in your hands. We’ve even replaced the plastic in the vacuum forming trays with card fitments.


But we did it, and we can now confirm with confidence that 100% of our packaging is:


Recyclable, compostable or biodegradable.


A Choice of Sustainable Easter Eggs and Gifts

Welcome to your guilt-free Easter! At least when it comes to the packaging. You can still indulge, pamper and gorge yourself on wickedly delicious dark chocolate, milk chocolate and vegan-friendly chocolate eggs and buttons - but you don’t have to worry about leaving the packaging behind for future generations.

See our full organic Easter eggs range

Explore our luxury Easter treats

Discover our vegan Easter eggs range

Whatever your preferred style of Easter chocolate, or your dietary requirements, rest assured that the packaging is 100% biodegradable.

And don’t get us started on the flavours!

Fans of our peanut butter chocolate, butterscotch and orange flavoured chocolates will be delighted to have their taste buds suitably tickled at Easter. and There’s also something for those niche chocolate aficionado’s who prefer  100% cocoa chocolate. It’s an acquired taste - and we stand by that - but of those who’ve tried it, few are ever able to return to conventional chocolate again.


Mission: Recyclable

We’re proud to be pioneers of environmentally friendly packaging in chocolate. It’s not just a crazy idea we thought up on a whim - sustainable, ethical practices have been part of the way we make our chocolate and run the business since we started out. It matters to us, and we hope that it matters to you too.

In fact, we were so keen to spread the word about our new environmentally friendly packaging that we made a video about it. After several gruelling rounds of auditions and screen testing, our own founder Simon was awarded the privilege of dressing up in Superman briefs and showing what it takes to be a packaging hero. You can watch the video below. Love it or like it - just don’t call it rubbish. And don’t forget to leave a comment if you’ve got a suggestion or critical review - with enough buzz, we’ll probably commission a sequel!

So if you haven’t ordered your eco-friendly Easter egg gifts for your close friends and family this year (and there’s still time), get in touch. It couldn’t be easier - so there’s no need for anyone to be opening Easter eggs covered in foil, single-use plastic and unsustainable cardboard. 



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