Giving up chocolate for 2018? Think again…

It’s the new year, which means one thing: New year resolutions.

You hear the same ones being recycled every year; giving up alcohol, going to the gym more and the one we hate (for obvious reasons), giving up chocolate! Well we’re pleased to tell you that you can cross the last one off your list!

Not only can you carry on snacking on the yummy stuff, but you can also stick to that healthy eating resolution too.

So ‘how can I eat chocolate and still be healthy’ I hear you asking? It’s all thanks to our Absolute Black range. These dramatic bars contain no dairy, no sugar, no gluten and no soya. 100% cocoa, 0% guilt!

Absolute Black
For that dramatic cocoa hit. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! No sugar, no dairy, no gluten, no soya. 100% dark and mysterious.

Absolute Black with Orange & Cocoa Nibs
If you wanted something a little different, we have taken the original Absolute black and added essential oils of oranges and tiny pieces of cocoa bean to add some natural crunch and sweetness.

Absolute Black with Almonds
We’ve added whole almonds to this bar to add a natural, creamy, nutty crunch to this already awesome bar.


Don’t believe us? Here are some real FIVE STAR reviews from real customers:

“Hands down the best dark chocolate I’ve had. I was expecting it to be more bitter with it being 100%, but it has a nice balanced flavour even without any sugar. Definitely worth trying”. – Rob

“I have tried other 100% Cocoa bars but these are far the best tasting”. – Sandy

“I am a huge fan of dark chocolate but very high cocoa content bars are very hard to get right – the taste can easily become bitter and getting the right texture is incredibly difficult. I’m happy to report that this is easily the best 100% bar I’ve ever had. It’s fruity, luscious and irresistable. This is now a regular purchase as I can’t be without it” – Simon

“Most 100% bars are gritty, overly bitter, and really quite unpleasant. The geniuses at Montezuma’s have somehow managed to create a 100% bar that is smooth, creamy, luscious and flavourful without any of the downsides. I have a little square most days after dinner as a treat. I don’t need more than that because the chocolate is so rich and delicious. I used to buy Hotel Chocolat 100% bars, but now that I’ve discovered these I won’t be going back” – Simon

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