Feeding Pigs, Green Water Waste

Green Water Waste from Chocolate!

Over the last year or so, we have introduced a new process at our head office and factory to turn waste water into animal feed, which is part of our quest to work as sustainably and ethically as possible.

We follow a strict process of routinely washing all equipment used in the chocolate manufacturing process, but we found that the cocoa butter we use causes the waste water to clog the sewage system where our factory is situated. A little embarrassing!

We always try to keep an eye on sustainability and our environmental impact, and so Our Wes (Operations Manager) investigated a solution which takes our pumped waste water and stores it in a holding tank, before processing it into animal pellet feed. The fat content of the waste water makes excellent animal food, which is currently being used to feed a herd of pigs in Salisbury, Wiltshire! Who knew?!

Wes looked into a few options before opting for the pig feed, including adding ‘good’ bacteria to the waste water process but given the high fat content in the waste water which comes from thoroughly washing our chocolate making equipment, we still found we were clogging the pipes! Working with Cave Liquid Haulage offers us an easy solution and we’re extremely pleased that it helps us both in terms of being good neighbours on our business park and contributes to our commitment to working as ‘greenly’ as is possible.

Pig Food from Green Water Waste


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