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Halloween in our Winchester Store!

Halloween in Winchester, or should that be Halloween in Helle?! Our lovely Winchester shop is part of the Pentice and is situated on the high street, right next to the historic Buttercross. In medieval times this monument was flanked by two taverns, Heavyn and Helle (pronounced heaven and hell). Since then the Buttercross has been a focal point at the heart of the city. Whilst the Buttercross was most likely built for religious ceremonies, it became a place for country folk to sell wares such as butter, and is now the perfect meeting point at the centre of the high street. Not only is there music and entertainment to be enjoyed, there is our little shop of delights to while away your time, with the smells of chocolate wafting into the street. Sitting on the steps of the Buttercross you’ll find yourself with a view of our eye catching Halloween window display. It also makes a perfect spot for children to unwind after enjoying one of our chocolate parties!

I was intrigued to find out which tavern our Montezuma’s shop has replaced, and delved into old records and the local museum to discover more. Would it be Helle or Heavyn? A trick or treat? Well believe it or not, our heavenly chocolate is located in what was once known as Helle! What place could be better for displaying our spooky and delicious Halloween treats.

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The story of Montezuma’s began in 2000, and I’ve needed to go a little further back in history to discover where the name Helle came from. It appears the Royal Mint of William the Conqueror once stood on our site at 41 High Street, Winchester. The name Helle is thought to be derived from the flames and smoke used by the moneyers (person who mints money) at work. Fire and brimstone is synonymous with Halloween, and inside our chocolate shop you will find treats over tricks in every nook and cranny.

This year we have a fantastic Halloween range, including vegan friendly treats, milk chocolate skulls and our best selling caramel eyeballs. Treats galore! Despite being on the original site of the Helle tavern, at Montezuma’s we will welcome you with big smiles and tasty samples. It may have once been called Helle but I believe we have now made our little shop in Winchester a Chocolate Heaven. Happy Halloween!

– Rosy, Manager at our Winchester store.





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