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Hot Chocolate for Cold Winter Nights

With cold winter nights in full force, a delicious treat after a long and chilly day is a hot chocolate.

Chocolate beverages date back a long way – the Aztecs first embraced using cocoa beans more than 2,000 years ago. At this point chocolate was served as a bitter, frothy liquid mixed with spices, wine and corn puree. After the Spanish discovered South America the drink was bought to Europe in the 16th Century, and the addition of sugar to the cocoa mix helped increase the drink’s popularity. It was still enjoyed primarily by the upper classes, as a result of the expense of bringing cocoa beans to Europe from South America.

Creating a luxurious hot chocolate is all about choosing real chocolate over cocoa powder which helps to produce a hot chocolate treat worth having. One of our favourite hot chocolate recipes for the cold winter months is Montezuma’s Revenge, a chilli infused hot chocolate which should bring a smile to your face and warm you up!

For every hot chocolate lover we have created the perfect solution to make a quick and scrumptious drink every time. Our “Hot Shots” chocolate discs simply need hot milk poured over them. You can even nibble on another disc whilst your hot chocolate melts!

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