Chilli and Lime

Keeping chocolate fresh and Innovative

Rewind five years and milk and dark chocolate were the cornerstone of British chocolate amongst consumers. But, over the course of time chocolate lovers’ tastes have evolved and become more experimental. The traditional flavours are taking a step back, allowing new and innovative flavours to prosper.

We pride ourselves for being known for producing innovative British chocolate, which reflects our unique chocolate combinations, including Apple Crumble, Milk Chocolate with Chilli and Lime, as well as our best seller from our Kingdom range – Peanut Butter. We also like to show our quirky side with unique names, for example, Sea Dog and Peeling Amorous, which allows us to stand out from the crowd in an often busy marketplace.

As health conscious and savvy consumers continue to dictate change in the chocolate market, we like to stay one step ahead of the game. That’s why we’ve launched our new product range of Cocktail Truffles, where we infused cocktails and chocolate together… what’s not to love?! We also created Absolute Black, 100% cocoa, that is bursting with flavour, but without the overpowering bitterness, which chocolate connoisseurs will be all too familiar with.


Whilst recognising the need for innovation we also recognise the need to be ethically fair to our suppliers. We hold a long-standing commitment to the communities that supply us with our cocoa, which is why we pay above Fairtrade prices for our cocoa. We value ourselves as a brand that is deeply imbedded in social responsibility and positively engages with the community. We have a strong, on-going relationship with the locally-based charity, Children on the Edge – and our co-Founder, Helen Pattinson recently travelled to Uganda to see first-hand how our support helps their work.

Whilst trends are always changing, it’s important that our ethos and love for pursuing exciting flavours never changes. Now, let’s stop writing and find our next flavour!

What flavour combinations do you think we should investigate? Why not get in touch…Your idea may become a reality! Get in touch here.


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