Looking After Yourself this World Mental Health Day

Looking After Yourself this World Mental Health Day

Looking After Yourself this World Mental Health Day

Now, more than ever its important to make sure we are all making time to look after ourselves and our mental health.

We all know that sometimes you just need a little hug, whether it be literal or the same joyous feeling you get from indulging in one of your comforts and taking time for yourself. Chocolate has stood the test of time and remained a treat for those across the globe and across generations.

Chocolate isn’t just delicious; studies have also shown that it can improve your mood even more when you eat it mindfully and enjoy it with all of your senses! Why not send some chocolate to your loved ones this World Mental Health Day and share the self-care around?

Here is a useful list of 10 of our favourite self-care top tips, a few of which happen to include chocolate of course!

  1. Start off the day the right way with a warming bowl of delicious porridge. Melt in a square or too of dark chocolate for even more indulgence!
  2. Wrap up on the sofa with a cup of delicious hot chocolate. Why not try our tasty hot chocolate discs?
  3. Take some time to relax with a warm bubble bath and some choccy snacks.
  4. Phone a friend or family member for a chat.
  5. Take a walk in the fresh air, just don’t forget to take a flask of hot chocolate!
  6. Keep hydrated and drink lots of water.
  7. Have a pamper session and lie down with a refreshing face mask.
  8. Get plenty of sleep and rest, put your feet up, you deserve it after all.
  9. Watch your favourite movie or tv show.
  10. Bake some chocolate treats, we have lots of recipe ideas on our other blog posts!


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