Montezuma's Mocha Martini

Montezuma's Mocha Martini

Montezuma's Mocha Martini

Don’t just let the kids have fun this half term! Why not try our Montezuma’s Mocha Martini, with our own chocolate, your choice of vodka and coffee this might be the treat that gets you through the week!



What you will need:

Montezuma's bar - feel free to be as creative as you like but we used our Fitzroy bar

Handful of ice

100ml Vodka

50ml Espresso 

50ml Coffee liquer

Cocktail Shaker

The Recipe:

  1. Melt 3 cubes of chocolate in a saucepan and set aside to cool.
  2. Grate 1 cube of chocolate
  3. Add a handful of ice into the cocktail shaker along with the vodka, espresso, melted chocolate and coffee liqueur.
  4. Shake until the outside of the cocktail feels icy cold
  5. Strain into the glass.
  6. Finally garnish with the grated chocolate.