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Montezuma’s welcomes three new starters

June was an exciting month for Montezuma’s. It sees the start of the new financial year, which always brings with it new projects and ideas. Most excitingly our Co Founders Helen and Simon took to the Pyrenees on the Ride the Raid Challenge, cycling 720 kilometres in 100 hours with climbs higher than Everest all for Children on the Edge a wonderful local charity that we have worked with for the last 10 years.
Back in Chocolate Towers we welcomed three new starters, here is a little introduction to each of them……

Emily started at Chocolate Towers on the 16th June, before that she had worked for Montezuma’s for two years at our festival stand selling chocolate to people often in the pouring rain so is very happy to now be in a warm dry office. She has taken on the role ofEmily-295x300 Purchasing and Customer Service Assistant. Which means she deals with all our lovely customer’s feedback, from customers telling us how much they love our chocolate and packaging to their fantastic ideas for new recipes. She also purchases the hundreds of different types of interesting ingredients needed for making all 200 of our products. Her favourite one of these products is the Peppermint Dainty Dollops because they aren’t dainty but big & chunky and minty, mint chocolate is her favourite. Emily loves the fact that every day is different and she never knows what she will come into when she arrives in the morning. If she were a character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory she would be Charlie of course because she would get to live in a chocolate factory with Johnny Depp!

Next up is Georgia she arrived at chocolate towers on the 1st of July, because she loves all things food after studying a food technology degree at University. She smiles everyday at work not only because of the delicious chocolate especially her favourite the Open Sesame Bar but also the people, she says that everyone has been so lovely to her and her team have really welcomed her in and not made her feel stupid for not knowing things and having to ask questions. Her role is Junior Sales Support for the Trade Sales Team, this means she supports the account managers by looking after smaller customers and dealing with questions and queries, she also gets to go out and about to meetings and tastings. On her third day she went to the Selfridge’s Chocolate library at their London store Georgia-300x225and spent the day letting customers try our delicious chocolate. This was her favourite day so far as she got to visit the amazing store and give away a fantastic product which made everyone happy, no one turns down chocolate! She loved watching peoples reactions to our innovative flavour combinations and as she had only just come onboard it was a great way to learn about the products too! If she were a character in Charlie and Chocolate Factory she would be an Oompa Loompa because she is little and petite with a good tan from hanging out at the beach down the road!

And finally Lucia who started on the 26th June, she was attracted to Montezuma’s by the quirky job advert she saw and the love of chocolate! She is the new Office Manager which means she has many different hats to wear and many different people to keep happy, she spends a lot of time answering the phones, whilst smiling, but also deals with the shops on a daily basis sorting out their orders and deliveries and also the interesting task on being PA to the very busy Co Founders Helen and Simon, who are not only running a very busy and expanding business, but also have three young daughters and are fitness fanatics so trying to get time in the diaries can be no mean feat.LU-300x168
She already loves it here and finds everyone hilarious, when she was asked who she would be in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory she said no one, she much prefers Chocolat as it’s sweet, cheesy and romantic with a great soundtrack!

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