Nectars of the Gods – Wine and Chocolate.

Nectars of the Gods – Wine and Chocolate.

These two delicacies go together more perfectly than you could ever have imagined! But there’s a fine balance in getting it right…

For wine buffs, see this as a challenge – let us know how you get on and what you think! For chocoholics, don’t be put off! Give it a go and do share your thoughts! Many of these are taste sensations…

Very Dark chocolate

Fino sherry                            Absolute black
Barolo/ Bardolino Dark 70% / Tarty cherry truffles

Why we think they work:

These two wine options are far apart and may seem odd to be included in the same list as both complimenting very dark chocolate, but somehow the dryness of the reds and the sherry work. A sophisticated pairing, this…

54% Dark side

Tempranillo, Grenache, Carmenere, Primitivo, Salice Salentino Tarty cherry trufflesTiger Tiger truffles
Amontillado/ Oloroso sherry Spice it Up (Dark spicy ginger)


Sea Dog (dark with salt and lime)

Milk chocolate with chilli & lime

Charlie’s Luck (dark with spiced peanuts)

Why we think they work:

A slightly lighter chocolate allows us to bring in some slightly spicier red wines, so the sweetness of the chocolate provides a slightly softer flavour to the wines. The Amontillado goes unsurprisingly well with some of the more savoury chocolates – think tapas!

Milk chocolate

Merlot/ pinot noir                  Milk chocolate with / American Idol truffles
Oloroso sherry                     American idol truffles
A buttery white wine – oaky Chardonnay/ Sauvingon Blanc    Peanut butter truffles
Muscat/ Sauternes   Open sesame with milk chocolate
Pedro Ximenez Milk chocolate with chilli & lime

Why we think they work:

Again, the slightly dry but rounded red wine and sherry is balanced by the sweetness of the milk chocolate, but with the salty kick of the caramel in these truffles. Same with the buttery white wines, the saltiness helps to balance the level of sweet/ savoury. When we come to the dessert wines and Pedro Ximenez sherry, again, balance is the key.

White chocolate

Champagne/ Prosecco       Strawberry champers truffles
Ice wine, Muscat                 White chocolate


White chocolate and raspberry truffles

Why we think they work:

Champagne and prosecco works well with some white chocolate as long as the sugar content is not too high. Our strawberry champagne truffles are not too sweet, so balance nicely with both drinks, whether white or rose. A sweeter or plain white chocolate works well with the usual dessert wines – and even a delicious ice wine, such as Tokaj.  

Fruity chocolates

Viognier/ Aligote                Space Hopper
Orange Muscat                    Dark chocolate with Orange and Geranium / Space Hopper

Why we think they work:

Here we’ve provided a couple of challenges for the wine drinkers among you, pairing our tantalising Spacehopper and orange and Geranium bars with a couple of dry whites. The citrus orange of the chocolates blend beautifully with the dry, but fresh flavours in the wines.

Do let us know if you agree/ disagree with us – or if you’ve got some suggestions of your own! We’d love to hear them via Facebook or twitter.