What makes our bars 100% recyclable?

What makes our bars 100% recyclable?

If you keep a close eye on our social media, you will have seen that this year we have completely relaunched our newly refreshed brand and now 100% of our packaging is either recyclable, compostable or biodegradable. Woo! It’s been a long time coming and we’re SO ecstatic that the changes are finally happening.

The biggest change we’ve made to our packaging is the brand-new inner packaging for our chocolate bars; we’ve been working hard for the last year to find a brand-new inner foil. You had probably noticed before that our chocolate bars used to be inside a recyclable cardboard box, then within a non-recyclable foil flow wrap. You all quite rightly pointed out to us that this wasn’t good for the planet and we desperately wanted to change this.

A lot of people thought that our bars could just be kept within the cardboard box, but our bars need to be in the foil to keep the chocolate safe and fresh, so it wasn’t an option to simply get rid of the inner foil. We wish it was that simple! So (with great difficulty) we have sourced a 100% paper-based wrapper. It wasn’t easy, as we had to source a paper that wouldn’t rip as it went through our machines, but we did it! All you need to do now after you’ve enjoyed your delicious chocolate is to simply throw all the packaging in your curbside recycling bin, simple!

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