1. Hello, Norwich!

    Hello, Norwich!

    What a year it has been… and we’re only in February! Alongside completely redesigning our brand, bringing out new eco packaging and new products (we’ve been a bit bored to be honest), we’ve only gone and opened a brand-new store in the beautiful city of Norwich! You may have read that we wanted to open the store back in November, but as it

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  2. Veganuary Essentials

    Veganuary Essentials

    It’s January, which can only mean one thing… NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS! We hear a lot of them every time the new year arrives; losing weight, reading more, learning a new skill. Over the last couple of years, a common resolution is to take part in Veganuary (going Vegan for a whole month). If this happens to be something that you have

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  3. An advent calendar like no udder…

    An advent calendar like no udder…

    In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re already in October! Which means soon it will be time to start planning for Christmas, which starts with advent calendars. We’re really excited at Chocolate HQ because this year we have something new for you that we’ve been working on for a while… our brand new dairy-free advent calendar, Like No Udder!

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  4. We're Full of Beans!

    We're Full of Beans!

    I realise that we are only just past the Easter weekend and that many of you may have over-indulged in chocolate as a result but I can’t contain my excitement over the launch of our Barista truffle collection today. As you’d probably imagine, this is a new collection of coffee inspired truffles. My love affair with coffee started

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  5. Why do we eat eggs at Easter?

    Why do we eat eggs at Easter?

    At this time of year, we are often asked why we celebrate Easter by giving and eating chocolate eggs so we thought we would re-post our little explanation from last year which hopefully explains all! Is eating eggs at Easter a new invention? Or something which has been passed down through the ages? Well it’s a bit of both to be honest! The

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  6. Emsworth Cookery School – Chocoholic’s Choice

    Emsworth Cookery School – Chocoholic’s Choice

    Just a few miles from us at Chocolate HQ, our friends at the Emsworth Cookery School have been busy creating a cookery class dedicated to working with chocolate and this is what they got up to during their recent class.  If you’re interested in learning more about cooking with our favourite food, have a look at their site www.

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