Make More Sustainable Choices this Earth Day (& every day!)

Make More Sustainable Choices this Earth Day (& every day!)

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day was first launched in 1970 as a day to celebrate the global achievements of the environmental movement and bring awareness to the need to work together to protect the Earth and its natural resources.

Easy swaps to make planet friendly choices:



  • Invest in a sustainable but stylish shopping bag.

We all know that pain of juggling your shopping to avoid buying another single use plastic bag. Our jute bags are perfect for filling up with shopping whether it is in our stores or a supermarket. Unlike plastic based bags these are super strong so you won’t need to worry about broken handles or chocolate escaping! Buy in store or on Amazon here.


  • Bring your own container (BYOC)

We will always try to avoid any unnecessary packaging in any of our products but we also aim to make it as easy as possible for people to buy chocolate packaging free! In any of our 7 stores you can bring your own container in for a refill and get 10% off our loose chocolate range. Grab your favourite tin or jar and stock up on favourites such as our truffles!


  • Ditch the car and get on your bike!

Follow the lead from our Montezuma’s Race Team and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you cycle to work, school or just the shops it all helps towards saving the planet and makes you feel a bit less guilty about that last bar of chocolate!


  • Save a Magic Bag

If you haven’t downloaded Too Good To Go then you are missing out! Too Good To Go are leading the food waste movement and we have partnered with them to help you ‘save magic bags’ from our factory full of chocolate that has just gone past the best before date but still safe to eat and delicious. Our wonderful customers enjoy bags filled with a mix of chocolates such as our organic chocolate bars and have now helped us save over 2,000 magic bags, equivalent to almost 6 tonnes of CO2e.