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The day CNN came to visit

The truth is out – I do eat chocolate for breakfast and it’s all on film so there’s no denying it! Fortunately I don’t think it’s such a terrible admission that I live and breathe the product that I fell in love with fifteen years ago, but how did I come to make this confession on camera?


When CNN asks if it can come and make a little programme about your business and how it came to be, you’d be mad to say no. An organisation with 200m viewers can reach more people than we could ever dream of connecting with so it didn’t take long to consider their request, particularly when the film they wanted to make was for a series entitled, ‘The trip that changed my life’. The trip Simon and I made to South America in 1999 really did change our lives!


Now we have had visits from film crews before – from local BBC reporters to the fantastically energetic Steph McGovern at BBC Breakfast and even the team at The Apprentice – so the prospect of cameras on our premises was an exciting rather than terrifying one. Nevertheless there is a certain amount of preparation needed to make sure everyone is ready for cameras and journalists on site.


We don’t have anything to hide but still want to make sure that the business is shown in the best light and that we guide the cameras to see the parts we are most proud of. For the team in production who are working to tight deadlines a visit like this can just mean an annoying interruption, so a large part of the preparation is ensuring that they see the benefit of helping the crew and spend some time getting the factory ready. We were keen to show that we are a small business but one that is serious about production so our shiny stainless steel machines were on show as well as our fabulous teams working in production and packing. There were smiles all round, particularly as they were asked to complete basic tasks several times over so that the cameras could get the right angles.


The CNN crew couldn’t have been nicer and it was a bonus that they understood they were interrupting an already busy day. They were incredibly complimentary about our business and all the people within it. This response never fails to make me glow with pride. Perhaps that’s why I was relaxed enough in my interview to admit that for me chocolate forms part of almost every meal, even if it is before 9am!



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