Vegan Chocolate Advent Calendars

Vegan Chocolate Advent Calendars – Help for a Vegan Christmas

It’s that time of year again! Everyone’s starting to prepare, and supermarkets are bracing for a frenzied rush. Amidst the madness, the winter season is a notoriously difficult time to plan. It’s even more so for people with dietary requirements; being vegan is particularly tricky at this time of year. After all, gorging on creamy treats is a hallmark of the festive period. Advent calendars for example, are one of the major staples that comes to mind. Ripping open a small door for a good ole’ piece of chocolate brings excitement to every morning. Worry not, no vegan need miss out on the Christmas cheer. Not this year!

Can I get dark vegan chocolate calendars?

Not only do vegan calendars exist, but there’s a range of ethically sourced options to choose from, and something for everyone. One is our traditional dark chocolate calendar. Montezuma’s dark calendar contains sizeable chunks of organic 73% cocoa chocolate, which provides a strong chocolatey hit.

What if I prefer lighter chocolate?

There’s also a milk chocolate alternative calendar. It has a creamy taste and is organic too. It’s still made with the same quality cocoa and other ingredients, except with the addition of rice powder instead of milk. Many would be shocked to hear it’s never been near a cow. It’s just as its name describes – it’s Like No Udder.

Are they ethically sourced?

All our chocolate is ethically sourced and produced. Our organic chocolate is certified organic by the Soil Association. Additionally, we’re partnered with local West Sussex charity Children on the Edge.

Fun fact: when advent calendars first started in the 1800s, they were a far-cry from what we know them as today. They were candles lit, or chalk marks drawn on doors, by German protestants, counting down the days of advent.

So, relax.

Enjoy the greatest season of the year with something a little tastier than Brussel sprouts. Try not to rip your calendar open and have them all at once – though we’re aware that is one of life’s greatest struggles 🙂

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