Vegan Chocolate for Mum Gift Guide

Vegan Chocolate for Mum Gift Guide

As each year goes by more and more people are realising the health benefits of going vegan and the advantages of sustainable and environmentally-friendly products and materials.

If you are looking for a selection of the best vegan gifts, then you’re in the right place. If your mum has been vegan for a while or is currently enjoying a plant-based diet with an extended Veganuary, then you will find the perfect vegan gift in our lovingly put together gift guide.

This guide is based on our core range, available year round. If you’re looking in gifting season do also check our Mother’s Day chocolates, vegan Easter chocolates and vegan Christmas chocolates which will include our limited edition seasonal ranges.

Montezuma's Vegan Chocolates

We are going to be more than a little biased here but our range of exquisitely delicious vegan chocolate is the perfect gift for chocolate-loving mums, who doesn’t like chocolate?!

Luckily for you we have made finding the best vegan chocolate gifts a little easier and have selected a range of choices to suit every taste in chocolate. Most importantly, all of our chocolate in this guide is 100% vegan, so you can be sure that your mum is going to love your chocolatey gift.

Our chocolate also comes in eco-friendly packaging and can be individually-personalised with a special message.


Vegan Chocolate Gifts

We have been expanding our vegan chocolate gifts range and work hard to make sure that we are always creating interesting and exciting chocolate experiences for all our customers, whatever their dietary requirements. Some of our most popular vegan gifts include:

Plant Power Gift Box 

This chocolate gift hamper is filled with vegan chocolate treats which your mum is sure to love and hopefully share!

Vegan Bar Libraries

Our chocolate bar libraries are a great way to taste some of our most popular flavour chocolate bars without having to agonise over which flavours your mum might like best! We have the Dark Bar Library and the Absolute Black Bar Library, which is our 100% cocoa range with 5 flavours to try!

Truffle Selection Box

Aren’t truffles truly the most indulgent way to enjoy chocolate? We have been working to expand our vegan chocolate truffles and have our Happy Herbivore Selection box and Garden Party 16 truffle selection box and large 25 vegan truffle selection box available. 

Jar of Chocolates

When we say jars, we mean large jars – 600-900g of your mum’s favourite vegan chocolate to keep enjoying! You can choose from the Dark Chocolate Buttons, the Absolute Black 100% Cocoa Buttons or the Lots of Love Heart Chocolate Truffles.


Vegan Friendly Milk Chocolate

Like No Udder is our range of deliciously creamy vegan milk chocolate that is as close to milk chocolate as possible without ever going near a cow. It is the perfectly smooth and indulgent chocolate treat.

In fact, we challenge anyone to notice the difference!

Our Like No Udder range offers a selection of flavours, including plain vegan friendly milk chocolateorange flavoured milk chocolate alternative, peppermint vegan milk chocolate bar and for those with a really sweet tooth the butterscotch non-dairy milk chocolate bar.

We also offer our Like No Udder Half Moonies, which are bite-sized solid bumps of pure, smooth and creamy high cocoa chocolate that are so incredibly moreish that your mum won’t be able to resist having more than one!

Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate

If your mum has a gluten free diet, then she doesn’t have to miss out on the fun with our extensive collection of delicious gluten free chocolate and she can indulge without worrying.

The following selection of our chocolates is also vegan, making them ideal if you are looking for gluten free vegan chocolate.

Mix and match different bars and jars of chocolate for a truly indulgent day (or month)!

Dark Peanut Butter Bites

Our Dark Peanut Butter Bites are the ideal gluten free vegan peanut butter chocolate gift and will instantly put a smile on her face, just don’t expect them to be shared with you. These dark chocolate peanut butter delights are truly delicious whether you are vegan or not! We would suggest ordering a bag for yourself to make sure you don’t miss out!

Chilli Bonkers - Dark Chocolate with Chilli

If your mum prefers chocolate with a kick to it, our dark chocolate with chilli is an ideal choice! This was one of our original bars and was inspired by a traditional Mexican recipe to produce a fine organic chocolate that is perfect for those who like a bit of fire to complement the richness of the chocolate.