Vegan Mother's Day Gifts: Vegan Gifts For Mum

As each year goes by more and more people are realising the health benefits of going vegan and the advantages of sustainable and environmentally-friendly products and materials – and mums are no different!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, if you are looking for a selection of the best vegan Mother’s Day gifts, then you’re in the right place. If your mum has been vegan for a while or is currently enjoying a plant-based diet with an extended Veganuary, then you will find the perfect vegan gift for Mother’s Day in our lovingly put together gift guide featuring products locally-sourced from vegan-friendly businesses in Brighton & Hove and Sussex.

All of our chosen products can be ordered and then delivered across the whole of the UK to give to your mum in person if you are lucky enough to be seeing your mum for Mother’s Day this year. We know that for a few of us it might be a little while before we get to see our loved ones, so we have made sure that each of our vegan gifts for mums can be safely delivered in person or put through the letterbox.

Get ready, here is our selection of the best gifts for vegan mums for Mother’s Day 2021!

Montezuma's Vegan Chocolates

We are going to be more than a little biased here but our range of exquisitely delicious vegan chocolate is the perfect gift for chocolate-loving mums – and who doesn’t like chocolate?!

Luckily for you we have made finding the best vegan chocolate for Mother’s Day a little easier and have selected a range of choices to suit every taste in chocolate. Most importantly, all of our chocolate is 100% vegan, so you can be sure that your mum is going to love your chocolatey gift.

Our chocolate also comes in eco-friendly packaging and can be individually-personalised with a special message to wish your mum a happy Mother’s Day.

Vegan Friendly Milk Chocolate

Like No Udder is our range of deliciously creamy vegan milk chocolate that is as close to milk chocolate as possible without ever going near a cow. It is the perfectly smooth and indulgent chocolate treat to enjoy on Mother’s Day that can be enjoyed by anyone.

In fact, we challenge anyone to notice the difference!

Our Like No Udder range offers a selection of flavours, including plain vegan friendly milk chocolate or our orange flavoured milk chocolate alternative. You can also treat your mum to a pack of 26 mini chocolate bars to enjoy throughout the weeks ahead. These are incredibly moreish and perfect as a mid-afternoon pick me up or as an after dinner treat – just don’t expect them to be shared!

We also offer our Like No Udder Half Moonies, which are bite-sized solid bumps of pure, smooth and creamy high cocoa chocolate that are so incredibly moreish that your mum won’t be able to resist having just the one!

Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate

If your mum has a gluten free diet, then she doesn’t have to miss out on the fun with our extensive collection of delicious gluten free chocolate and she can indulge without worrying.

The following selection of our chocolates is also vegan, making them ideal if you are looking for gluten free vegan chocolate.

Mix and match different bars and jars of chocolate for a truly indulgent day (or month)!

Absolute Black - 100% Cocoa

Our Absolute Black chocolate is made from 100% cocoa and provides a super-intense hit that is incredibly moreish – it is a must for those who are fans of pure black chocolate. As well as being gluten free our Absolute Black chocolate contains no added sugar and is soya free.

Choose from a range of delightful flavours, including mint or almond, or go for classic plain black chocolate for pure and unadulterated dark chocolate bliss. Our Absolute Black chocolate bars can be mixed and matched with different flavours or treat your mum to a pack of 26 mini dark chocolate bars, the perfect afternoon pick up with a cup of tea or coffee.

Dark Peanut Butter Bites

Our Dark Peanut Butter Bites are the ideal gluten free vegan peanut butter chocolate gift and will instantly put a smile on her face, just don’t expect them to be shared with you. These dark chocolate peanut butter delights are truly delicious whether you are vegan or not! We would suggest ordering a bag for yourself to make sure you don’t miss out on these creamy peanut butter truffle bites.

Chilli Bonkers - Darck Chocolate with Chilli

If your mum prefers chocolate with a kick to it, our dark chocolate with chilli is an ideal choice! This was one of our original bars and was inspired by a traditional Mexican recipe to produce a fine organic chocolate that is perfect for those who like a bit of fire to complement the richness of the chocolate.

Letterbox Chocolate Subscription

If your mum has a proper sweet tooth, then our letterbox chocolate subscription is going to keep her going over the months ahead while things slowly start to return to normal. It is also the perfect gift if you are not able to see each other for a while and want to let her know that you are thinking of her.

Our subscription service means that each month our chief chocolatier will lovingly put together a selection of our finest vegan chocolates including our tried and tested firm favourites from truffle bars to flavoured chocolates, as well as our new scrumptious creations that are unavailable to buy elsewhere.

Each month we will send out 600g of rich, delicious, mouth-watering chocolate packed into a specially designed carton that will handily fit through your mother’s letterbox, meaning that she won’t even have to answer the door or remember to be at home.

We offer three different subscription types:

  • 3 month subscription
  • 6 month subscription – get 1 month free!
  • 12 month subscription – get 2 months free!

Sign your mum up for her letterbox chocolate subscription now and then send us an email to include a personal message to complement her first box of delicious chocolate.

Brighton Gin's Vegan Gin

There is not much else that goes with chocolate, apart from even more chocolate, but a G&T is not too far behind! Why not treat your mum to a vegan gin this year to complement our moreish chocolate for a day of pure indulgence?

Brighton Gin offer a gin that embodies the spirit of Brighton: unusual, playful and fiercely independent. Their gin is a unique and delectable blend that includes a distillation process that removes gluten and is fully-certified as 100% vegan, including the wax bottle tops and the gum used to stick the labels.

There is also the chance to enter a personal message to wish your mum a happy Mother’s Day if you are not able to be there in person.

We have put our favourites below to help you get started.

Brighton Gin 40% Pavillion Strength

Taking inspiration for its name from the Prince Regent’s pleasure palace, 40% Pavilion Strength is a multi-award winning, handmade craft gin is clear and bright in the glass. Complemented with subtle notes of juniper and orange, it’s a soft and approachable gin. It’s perfect for a classic and timeless G&T, or as a base for a variety of cocktails, or even sipped neat with a slice of orange.

Brighton Gin Navy Strength

For those gin-loving mums who prefer a slightly stronger tipple, Navy Strength is the perfect gift. At 57% proof, its main attraction is juniper, infused with a cascade of citrus complemented with hints of orange and spice.

This one is best served neat, but it also makes a perfect G&T or as a base for a variety of different cocktails.

Brighton Gin Gift Set

This gift set makes an ideal Mother’s Day gift and contains two delightful Brighton Gin copa bowl gin glasses with gold rims, plus a bottle of 40% Pavilion Strength or 57% Seaside Strength gin. Enjoy a glass with your mum on the day or ask her to save you one for when you are next able to see each other. This truly is an ideal gift for any gin-lover this Mother’s Day!

Vegan Perfumes by EDEN Perfumes

EDEN Perfumes is a Brighton-based company that provides 100% vegan and cruelty-free perfumes that are similar to popular fragrances for both women and men. Each and every ingredient used throughout the processes is completely vegan with an ethos to create perfumes that respect the planet and all living beings.

EDEN Perfumes offers a wide array of fragrances, meaning you can be sure to find a vegan mother’s day gift that you mum will adore while introducing her to a new ethical vegan and eco-friendly choice. Each of their fragrances is an Eau de Parfum rather than Eau de Toilette, which is a well-received health swap.

Get in touch with them to find out the best fragrance for your mum based on her preferences, or choose from an array of gift boxes where you choose from a variety of perfume types, including:

Floral Box

Citrus Box 

Fruity Box

This is one really exciting vegan perfume gift that provides a true alternative for those who seek fragrances that are kind to the environment while also being friendly to your pocket. In fact, we recommend that you check them out regardless of Mother’s Day as you are mostly certainly going to find something to delight you as well!

Vegan Footwear by Vegetarian Shoes

If you are looking for the best vegan clothing gift for your mum this year, then Vegetarian Shoes is the answer! Based in Gardner Street, Brighton, Vegetarian Shoes have been making vegan-friendly shoes since 1990 and have evolved from a single style of shoe made by hand, through to one of the top producers of vegan shoes in the UK and Europe.

No matter what style of shoe you would like to treat your mum to this Mother’s Day, you have a plethora of choices of vegan Mother’s Day gifts at Vegetarian Shoes. Choose from a range of styles, including smart and chic black boots and shoes, through to snug boots to get through those colder Spring days before the warmth of summer is here.

If you are looking for a gift for an active mum then they also have a selection of outdoor shoes and trainers that are perfect for getting out in the air or going on a long Mother’s Day walk, weather permitting of course!

Each of Vegetarian Shoes’ footwear is vegan-friendly and has been crafted using material of the highest quality that is not only sustainable and eco-friendly but durable and long-lasting. Shipping is offered throughout the whole of the UK and Europe.

Can you recommend any other great Vegan gifts from Sussex brands, please let us know: