Veganuary Essentials

It’s January, which can only mean one thing… NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS!

We hear a lot of them every time the new year arrives; losing weight, reading more, learning a new skill. Over the last couple of years, a common resolution is to take part in Veganuary (going Vegan for a whole month).

If this happens to be something that you have decided to do this year, we have put together a handy guide of your Veganuary essentials to help make your month a little easier. It’s a common misconception that when you start living a Vegan lifestyle that you have to give up chocolate, however this is not true at all! In fact some of our most popular products are vegan friendly.

  1. Giant dark Chocolate Buttons
    Our giant buttons are a classic part of the Montezuma’s range.
  2. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites
    How could we not add these to the list?! Ever since we launched our famous truffle bits, you’ve all gone crazy for them! They’ve been featured in many Vegan publications as well as highly regarded Vegan subscription boxes such as The Vegan Kind. We know you’ll eat one and be hooked.
  3. 100% Absoloute Black
    Our Absoloute Black range is for those of you hardcore Cocoa fans! It’s dairy, gluten, soya and sugar free – Just 100% cocoa solids! Don’t say we didn’t warn you though… it is very intense!
  4. Like No Udder
    Like No Udder is our brand new creation! It’s our first ever non-dark bar that’s made without milk. It comes in two bars; plain and with sweet orange. They taste as close to milk chocolate as you can get without going near a cow!
  5. Mini Bars
    Our dark chocolate mini bars are perfect for snacking on in the day. Sea Dog, Absoloute Black and Very Dark are all suitable for Vegans.


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