We're Full of Beans!

We're Full of Beans!

I realise that we are only just past the Easter weekend and that many of you may have over-indulged in chocolate as a result but I can’t contain my excitement over the launch of our Barista truffle collection today. As you’d probably imagine, this is a new collection of coffee inspired truffles.

My love affair with coffee started more out of a need to wake up in time for my university lectures than a love for the awful anhydrous instant granules which my student budget stretched to. But I have always loved the smell of coffee as much as I love the taste of chocolate and as my budget increased, so did my desire to drink the real stuff. A stint working in Whittard of Chelsea taught me about the different beans and when a customer came in and paid a small fortune for a tiny bag of Jamaican Blue Mountain beans, I never returned to instant again.

This love affair has found its way into our product range as luckily, Simon is equally as passionate about the liquid black gold, frequently imbibing double espressos, even at 10 o’clock at night. The rich, dark Bean Machine is his answer to a double espresso in a bar of chocolate. But I have always enjoyed a cappuccino or a longer Americano so creating a range of coffee truffles produced endless possibilities for ways to combine two of my favourite foodstuffs. Simon and I often leave product development these days to our wonderful Chief Chocolatier, Gill who has been with us for over eleven years and knowing that this project would excite her as much as us, we left her to it. The result was a constant stream of coffee truffles and chocolates to taste, meaning that I didn’t really want to put an end to the testing phase. But eventually we realised it was time to stop consuming truffles in the name of product development and make some decisions!

The results are amazing (I can say that as I didn’t actually make them) and I am really looking forward to seeing the collection on the shelves today. A smooth, creamy, milk and white chocolate truffle dripping in chocolate shavings made it into the collection as the Cappuccino, followed by a runny espresso caramel oozing from rich dark chocolate, a milk chocolate and hazelnut latte rolled in chocolate and hazelnut nibs and finally for Simon, a rich coffee in dark chocolate with tiny crunchy mocha nibs. No wonder we’re full of beans!

The whole collection can be seen here and if you fancy taking your chances to win the Barista collection and some gorgeous coffee goodies, head over to our Facebook and Twitter pages to enter our little competition.