Which luxury chocolates should be in every corporate gift box?

Which luxury chocolates should be in every corporate gift box?

We all love to feel special and we know you want your colleagues, clients and contractors to get that special feeling too. So, what better way than sharing the love with a gift box?

Corporate gifting is no new concept. Companies have been using it to express their gratitude for employees and partners for as long as businesses have been running. There is no end to the range of gifts that can be given, but chocolate is the ever-enduring favourite, and we think we know why! There is no denying that chocolate is a pick me up for so many and is the nation’s little pleasure when times get tough and when we need something to celebrate with. With the rise in veganism, keto and many more diets you would be forgiven for thinking chocolate is no longer the safe bet though. This is where you are wrong! The endless variety of chocolate on offer is capable of meeting everyone’s dietary needs, with vegan bars, milk alternatives, gluten free and so much more, you will be pushed not to find something to fit the bill. If you still need more persuading, then just remember that chocolate is full of antioxidants and known to reduce stress which is perfect for a hard-working environment like an office. So how do you ensure you get all of this and more from your corporate chocolate gift box? The answer is simple…

Enter stage right; Montezuma’s, here to solve all your corporate gifting needs. Luxury chocolate with a wide range of options to make sure you really make your customers and employees beam with joy! With personalisation available you can create an amazing combination of products and flavours to ensure that the message you’re trying to send really hits home. From our bespoke luxury gift boxes to glass truffle jars filled to the brim with chocolate buttons, your only struggle will be narrowing down the choice. For the indecisive readers stay with us as we’re going to delve into some of our favourite options that are perfect for a range of corporate scenarios that may require a touch of luxury and a lot of chocolate!  

Build your own gift box 

Building your own gift box is easy, we can find a range of products to suit any budget. Firm favourites that we love to include in bespoke gift boxes range from American Idol; our rich, smooth and creamy milk chocolate, salted caramel truffles to our glorious selection of dark chocolate bars, with our 74% dark chocolate Fitzroy bar being a sure winner to suit all tastes and diets.  For Christmas gift boxes our Truffle Filled Snowmen are not to be missed, with 8 to a box these are perfect to share.

Gifts to keep them sweet!

Corporate gifting is far from exclusive to Christmas! One opportunity that is often overlooked in the world of gifting is events. If you have an event to host, whether it be a conference, team bonding or a launch party, there is no better time to win over your guests! Any event can be made memorable with some simple little extras that will catch people’s attention! How about serving a selection of truffles on the table? With over 5 different collections, ranging from our Happy Hour boozy collection to our Garden Party vegan box, every guest will find a truffle to suit their taste buds and it is safe to say that you will be in their good books!

Gift boxes to share

Sharing is caring and chocolate always has the magic of bringing a team together. If you’re after a gift for a team then our button and truffle jars are the one for you. This way they can share the chocolate with their team and spread the love (honestly though we would understand if they didn’t, no one should have to share chocolate that’s this good). Our button jars are the gift that keeps on giving as once all the chocolate is gone it is then time to get creative and find ways to reuse the jar. How about repurposing it into the new office pen pot or even the tea bag jar in the kitchen? In our case we simply top up the jar with more chocolate! See more luxury corporate gift hampers here!

So, when it comes to needing a luxury corporate gift, whomever it is for, and whatever the occasion, Montezuma’s is the place to go! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re on hand for an informal chat and we’re great with chocolate recommendations. Montezuma’s have your back!



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