Why chocolate at Halloween?

When we set up Montezuma’s 15 years ago Halloween chocolates weren’t part of our thought process. Since then Halloween has become a much bigger event, now with its own range of chocolates. It’s lovely to have another excuse to eat some delicious chocolate, but why did confectionery become so important to Halloween?XL-Halloween-Spooky-Skull

In the past, Halloween (which was originally a pagan event recognising All Hallows Eve) centred around using mischief and ridicule to confront death. Even in the Middle Ages the poor would go ‘souling’, dressing in costumes and begging for treats. But it wasn’t until 1920’s America that modern ‘trick or treating’ started to take place. Even then it wasn’t confectionery that children expected and more popular treats included toys, fruit, nuts and coins. As trick or treating grew popular American manufacturers cottoned on, and by the 1950’s Halloween sweets and chocolates started to be produced. By the 1970’s confectionery became the only treat expected by children!XL-Halloween-Hamper

Over here in Britain it wasn’t until the 80’s and 90’s that Halloween really began to feature and now it’s a huge event in its own right – costumes, decorations, sweets, chocolate and trick or treating are on the agenda for many of those with young children!

XL-Halloween-Caramel-EyeballsSo here at Montezuma’s we’ve embraced our customers’ calls for fun and funky Halloween treats. This year we love our solid milk chocolate spooky skulls and scary caramel eyeballs! Take a look here.

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