Gifts to Give a Chocolate Lover this Christmas

Gifts to Give a Chocolate Lover this Christmas

Of all the gifts you could give this Christmas, you’re never going to go wrong with chocolate.

It’s one of the treats we look forward to most over the festive season, whether it’s a bag of buttons or truffles as stocking fillers or a big family chocolate bar to devour alone.

This year’s Christmas chocolate collection brings together some of our most creative and innovative flavours inspired by the taste and feeling of the festive season.

So if you have a chocolate lover in the family or a friend who can’t resist a bar, button or truffle, here are our top Christmas chocolate recommendations from the Montezuma’s range...

A Mouth-Watering Christmas Chocolate Collection

How would you like your Christmas chocolates?

Because we’ve thought of everything - then added a quirky festive flourish on top. Enjoy your chocolates in a bar, in a jar or from a family-sized pack. And if you’ve got the patience and self-control, treat yourself to a surprise each morning with a Christmas Chocolate Advent Calendar.

Christmas Grand Truffle Collection 

The perfect Christmas chocolate gift, nothing gets the festive cheer started like our Christmas Grand Truffle Collection, containing 50 sumptuous truffles spanning all your favourite flavours from salted dulce de leche to dark chocolate.

Pairing tips: Save these to enjoy with your after-dinner digestifs, such as a brandy, armagnac or amaro. Or take them with your coffee in the living room in time for the Queen’s Speech.

Milk Chocolate Christmas Button Jar

Bite-size buttons of smooth creamy goodness, using organic milk too! Be warned - once you pop the top on this jar, they’re not going to last long. If you find yourself snoozing in the armchair during Love Actually with an empty jar actually, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Countdown to Christmas with a Chocolate Advent Calendar 

From the history books, we know that the idea of marking the days leading up to Christmas Day first became popular in 19th century Germany, when Lutherans would mark chalk crosses on doors from December 1st onwards. Gradually, chalk gave way to candles, handmade wooden figures and toys before finally some bright spark saw the opportunity for a daily dose of chocolates.

That’s the spirit of our Chocolate Advent Calendars and they make a fantastic gift for chocolate lovers, especially the little ones. Here are some of our favourites…

Chocolate Truffle Advent Calendar 

The classic. The days can’t come soon enough once you’ve opened door number one on this collection of assorted chocolates, from dulce de leche caramel to dark chocolate. A great gift that will never be forgotten.

Absolute Black Advent Calendar 

You don’t have to be health conscious to get a taste for Absolute Black. Yes, it’s 100% cocoa, with no sugar or milk used, but it’s also curiously seductive. Choose this as your Christmas gift for a healthy chocolate lover.

Festive Flavours Perfect for Christmas Chocolate Gifts

Of course, you could pick from our year-round range of flavours for your Christmas chocolate gifting, so if you know that a friend of family member always likes to keep one of our signature bars close to hand, now might be the time to treat them to a huge 300g bar or multipack of their favourite flavour.

But if you really want to focus on the festive feeling, these will hit the spot every time.

Christmas Chocolate Snowballs

Our snowballs are a signature Christmas treat. Bite into the soft white or dark chocolate shell and you’re through to a delicious filling packed, including White Chocolate and Peanut Butter, White Chocolate and Orange, the refreshing Peppermint and Vanilla combo or the oh-so-fashionable White Chocolate Salted Caramel.

Absolute Black Truffle Filled Snowmen

Can’t get enough of your Absolute Black? We’ve even managed to squeeze it into a snowman too. Our Absolute Black 100% Cocoa Snowmen give you the dark chocolate flavour you love, but with a subtle twist on the texture.

A Delicious Range of Vegan Chocolate Christmas Gifts

Since the beginning at Montezuma’s, we’ve always found a place for great-tasting milk chocolate-alternatives or 100% cocoa chocolates suitable for vegans. So if you’re buying gifts for a vegan chocolate lover this festive season, take your pick from these tasty treats. 

Dark Chocolate Christmas Button Jar

Bite-sized buttons of delicious organic dark chocolate which is ideal for sharing and the perfect way to spread some festive joy with it’s beautifully bright and bold Christmas packaging.

Absolute Black 100% Cocoa Christmas Snowmen 

Give in to your cravings with 100% cocoa truffle filled snowmen, encased in our richest Absolute Black chocolate for a Christmas chocolate gift that’s perfect for anyone living a vegan lifestyle.

Extraordinary Christmas Chocolate Gifts

So whether you’re stuck for inspiration with the Secret Santa, or just want to complete your stocking fillers for the family, sneak in an order of Christmas chocolate gifts from Montezuma’s and seal your reputation for Gift Giving Greatness.

There’s no need to compromise on our ethical or environmental concerns too. This year, we’re looking forward to Christmas chocolate that is ethically sourced and presented in recyclable, compostable or biodegradable packaging.