Organic Hot Chocolate

Our real chocolate hot chocolate is made from top quality organic chocolate discs, not a puff of powder in sight! All our luxury hot chocolate is also made without milk, so follow the instructions with the milk of your choice for a traditional or non-dairy extraordinary organic hot chocolate drink.

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Luxury Hot Chocolate

We love to describe our drinking chocolate simply as real organic chocolate. This isn't just cocoa powder, like so many other less rewarding and frankly rather feeble drinks dressed up as chocolate. - Simon Pattinson Co-Founder

In addition to our organic hot chocolate we have a full range of organic chocolate bars and truffles to choose from. We also offer an excellent vegan chocolate range and have developed a good gluten free chocolate range.

We have a great range of gifts for every occasion whether you need Birthday chocolates, Anniversary chocolates or are looking for a full chocolate hamper. Extraordinary chocolate made by the sea in West Sussex