Chocolate Gift Jars


We think jars make the perfect gift! A - you can see what's inside and B - they are re usable! We have filled these jars with our favourite combinations - Salted Caramel - American Idol, Peanut Butter, Milking Maid Truffles or Organic Chocolate Buttons! Gorgeous gifts!

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Chocolate Truffle Gifts are always best in a Jar!

Enjoy a little self-gifting with these luxury chocolate truffles or treat someone special to our gourmet chocolate gift. Order gourmet chocolate truffles online for delivery directly to your door - we can ensure a chocolate delivery to any UK address as well as to Europe and the USA and Canada.

These stunning truffle jars are an extraordinary alternative to a traditional box of chocolates from salted caramel to peanut butter filled little bites of joy.

Why not add our chocolate cookbook to your shopping basket to learn chocolate truffles recipes?