Vegan Advent Calendars

Countdown to Christmas with our selection of vegan advent calendars. Choose from milk chocolate alternatives, 100% cocoa Absolute Black or our blend of rich dark chocolate, find your favourite flavour and explore the full range of vegan chocolate Advent Calendars.

The perfect gift this Christmas, our delicious collection of vegan Advent Calendars have been refined over years of experience by our master chocolatiers to create the most extraordinary vegan chocolate around.

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Indulgent and Rich Vegan Advent Calendars

What makes great vegan chocolate? For us, it’s down to quality ingredients and innovative recipes, which is why we’re constantly exploring and experimenting with our vegan chocolate to strive towards the most extraordinary tastes we can find!

Experience the rich and flavoursome taste of a Montezuma’s vegan Advent Calendar and indulge in a daily treat of chocolate festivity while you countdown to Christmas throughout the festive period.