Christmas gift wrapping guide

Christmas Gift Wrapping

We make wrapping gifts fun and thoughtful by using recyclable brown paper and fabric ribbon. If you are nimble fingered you can skip using sticky tape and secure the paper in place with ribbon only, this makes it look lovely and removes the need for plastic.

We think it’s super important to think about the environment whilst wrapping your presents so consider a way that the recipient of your gift can recycle the brown Christmas wrapping paper and reuse the ribbon.

As a final finishing touch, we have used one of our Christmas bauble tins, which contain three delicious salted caramel milk chocolate truffles. Once the truffles have been eaten the tin can be re-filled and used again for years to come making the whole package reusable and recyclable.

Here’s how we did it:

  1. Grab your wrapping items! We used recyclable brown paper, fabric ribbon, a tiny piece of sticky tape and a chocolate filled bauble to finish!
  2. Loosely wrap your gift in recyclable brown paper, using a small piece of sticky tape to secure - or skip the tape and secure your gift with ribbon only!
  3. Tie your wrapped gift four ways with a fabric ribbon and secure with a knot.
  4. Loop the bauble through one end of the ribbon and tie a single knot to fasten.
  5. Present your gift to the lucky recipient!






Beautiful gift wrapping with a surprise Chocolate gift DONE!

you can find our Christmas Baubles here which are currently 3 for £14