Home made Christmas snow globes

Making snow globes at home is a really fun activity to do with children and best of all it’s a great way to re-use some old plastic toy trinkets you may well have lying around. You know the type, tiny little fairies, animals or cartoon character. No need to despair If you don’t have the old toys lying about because an upside-down pine cone looks just like a Christmas tree.

What your going to need:

1. An old Jam Jar

2. A small kid’s toy (Christmassy ones if you can)

3. Glitter

4. Glycerin (this is optional and just makes the glitter fall slower)

5. Glue gun (or super glue is fine)

Step 1: Simply fill the jam jar full of water, empty in a teaspoon full of glitter and a few drops of the glycerin if you have it.

 Adding glitter to the snow globe

Step 2: Take your trinket toy and glue it to the centre of your jam jar lid.

Add glue to the lid


Glue the fairy to the lid

Step 3: Put the lid back on the jar, submerging the toy into the sparkly water.

Close up of the fairy

Step 4: As you screw the lid up it’s a great idea to seal it by applying a thin layer of glue around the rim of the lid just to make sure all the glittery goodness stays well within the snow globe.

If you fancy a bit more pizazz a great tip is to add a festive ribbon around the lid

Step 5: Give it a shake, sit back and get it the mood for CHRISTMAS!

finished fairy snow globes

We had so much fun making these snow globes with our little girls, we can't promise that we didn't have one or two of the truffles along the way.

The gift that won't go wrong this Christmas