Coffee and chocolate; we can't think of a better combination!

At Chocolate HQ we're big coffee fans, and we couldn't be happier that the lovely team at Square House Coffee have paired some of their lovely coffee beans with our Absolute Black bars.

1. Absolute Black paired with India (PB Yagachi Reserve)

This dark roast matches the intensity of the chocolate. With tasting notes of spice and cacao nibs, this coffee is the perfect accompaniment to the rich cocoa taste of this chocolate and brings out the deep flavours.

Our recommendation: try drinking as a black americano for the ultimate smooth chocolate/coffee experience or to really savour the intensity, pair your chocolate with an espresso.


2. Absolute Black with Almonds paired with Burundi (Kirundo-Muyinga)

This is a smooth but bold cup of coffee which works perfectly with the smoothness of the dark chocolate and is balanced by the crunch of the almond chunks. This coffee bean gives a taste of caramel with a slight citrus edge and when paired with the chocolate you end up with a delicious sweet and nutty combination.

Our recommendation: try brewing the coffee through a drip filter like the Hario V60 for a clean crisp coffee to really taste all the flavours.


3. Absolute Black with Orange and Cocoa Nibs paired with Tanzania (Burka Arusha)

This coffee is a crisp cup of orange and lemony tastes so pairing this coffee with this chocolate was a no brainer. The citrus tastes really complement each other and the cocoa nibs in the chocolate provide a sweet crunch to finish, rounding off perfectly this coffee and chocolate taste explosion.

Our recommendation: For a real citrus punch try this coffee as an espresso or for a more subtle zesty edge try a long black coffee through an Aeropress.