We're so excited about these recipes!

Some of our favorite recipe bloggers have teamed up with Ninja Kitchen to create these yummy Easter treats for you to try over the weekend!

Chocolate Chunk Peanut Butter Blondies by @SpamellaB

In collaboration with Montezuma’s wonderful chocolate, these easy healthy blondies are packed with chunks of their giant chocolate buttons are a hidden but delightful surprise! 

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Chocolate Dipped Shortbread by @TheHealthyBeard

A simple and yet delicious buttery shortbread, shortbread is usually loaded with refined and bleached sugars. This recipe is free from refined sugar and the chocolate used organic sugar.

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Hot Cross Bun Flavored Energy Bites by @CharleysHealth

With Easter fast approaching, it’s time to get creative in the kitchen and whipping up lots of deliciously spiced treats. All of these incredible warming spices and sweet currents and raisins are just the epitome of Easter baking and desserts and these energy bites taste just like little mouthfuls of hot cross bun!

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Cheesecake Filled Chocolate Easter Eggs by @Greenofthestoneage

This recipe uses Montezuma’s 100% Cocoa Bar to make a mysteriously dark and decadent chocolate, egg filled with raw vegan white chocolate cheesecake and a liquid mango and passion fruit yolk this is sure to make for a super Easter surprise. You’ll also get to learn how to temper chocolate without a thermometer for that perfect snap!

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Dark Chocolate Vegan Bounty Bars by @Avantegardevegan

A simple and yet delicious vegan answer to the popular chocolate bar. This recipe contains no bleached or refined sugars, is quick to make and guarantee to be a healthy treat for anyone this spring.

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Quinoa Nutella Chocolate Nests by @Happyskinskitchen

These super chocolatey nests are so fun to make and they are such a great Easter treat! I absolutely love the crunchy quinoa puffs case with the super creamy and indulgent homemade Nutella, it’s literally chocolate heaven!

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