About our eco-packaging

Our eco-packaging

Changing all of the Montezuma's packaging to either 100% recyclable, compostable or biodegradable has been no easy task and as of February 2020 we believe we are the only chocolate company that's managed to get the entire range moved into sustainable packaging so far. We love talking to our customers and are already getting a lot of questions about all sorts of really fair points, like 'What's your packaging made from" and "how do I recycle the bars".

We thought we'd give you the low down on everything related to our eco-friendly chocolate packaging from the glass used in our giant button jars to the ink we use to print on the cardboard chocolate bar boxes, and an explanation about the new size of our bars.

We've been shortlisted for the Sustainable Packaging Initiative in the FDF awards! 




Take a look at some of our 100% eco-friendly range:

Chocolate Truffle Boxes,

truffles boxes

100% Recyclable

Chocolate Truffle Cartons,

truffle cartoons

100% Recyclable


Chocolate Button Jars,

button jars

100% Recyclable

What's so great about our packaging?

In 2020 we set out on the mammoth task of making sure that all of our packaging was recyclable, biodegradable, compostable. Whilst doing this we thought it would be a great idea to give the brand a big refresh and shake things up!

To this day we are still very proud to have become the first chocolate company to make these eco claims across the whole range. We know that some other companies have done a few products here and there, but we decided to go to town on it, we don’t do anything in halves here! From our bars to our buttons, to our truffles, to our bites and nothing was left out!

Our most popular product range is our bars, so this is the product we knew we had to get spot on! The days of foil wrappers are gone and now every bar is wrapped in 100% paper. This came with its own challenges though as we all know that paper rips whereas trusty foil is really flexible and goes through packaging machines with ease. Many trials later though and we are very pleased to be leading the way for other confectioners in moving to fully recyclable alternatives.

Fun fact: you can even compost the bar wrappers at home!

Of course, the outside of the bar needs to be a little sturdier to hold up on shelves so this required a slight element of plastic, making it 81% paper and 19% plastic. If it was just paper, it would rip and tear and it wouldn’t be food-safe. This material is classed as ‘widely recycled’ which makes it down to your local council on the ability to recycle at home, however, over 75% of councils will take this material and if not then most supermarkets have recycling schemes.

As part of the whole recyclability project, we looked at absolutely every aspect of all of our products down to the finest details. We’ve made sure we use recyclable inks which in some cases are even vegetable based. Take a look inside our gift boxes and you won’t find bubble wrap but instead fully recyclable paper based ‘sizzle’.

We can’t forget our delicious truffles! Whether you get a truffle carton or box, the card can very simply be recycled at home. Often these kinds of chocolates have a plastic window to show off the product, but we have got rid of this, so a little bit of imagination is required! Our truffle cartons have a plastic bag inside which is a number one PT and therefore can be recycled.

We’re still using some plastics in our packaging. We’d love to get rid of them all but at the moment, one of the biggest challenges we’ve got is the fact that food needs to be packaged safely – it needs to be food-safe. So, we’ve taken as many steps as we can to get rid of everything but some plastic, we have to use but what we have done is made sure that the plastic is totally recyclable.

The journey never ends and we are still working on making our packaging even better for the environment, so watch this space!