Helen & Simon

Helen & Simon - Co-founders

Simon makes the coffee and Helen makes the tea!


Tyla Customer Relations Manager

Tyla - Account Manager

I look after all our wonderful top accounts, making sure they are always happy and spreading the Monty’s magic mantra. I’m a lover of travelling and a huge sun-worshipper. My favourite chocolates are the Organic Milk Giant Buttons and Minted bar.



Emily - New Product Development Manager

I ensure all new products get from the ideas stage to realisation making sure that the process goes smoothly every step of the way. It's great to see the new products hit the shelves! Mum of two energetic little boys, currenty training for a Tough Mudder and the COTE Half Marathon.  Favourite chocolate: Lordy Lord.


Georgia - Senior National Account Manager (General Sales)

Looks after a number of our lovely UK and all Export trade customers and always trying to lure in new business with the help of lots of samples! Lover of animals and holidays – sunny ones! Favourite chocolate: Geranium Dollops. 



Liza - People & Culture Director

I do my very best to find amazing people then assist with spreading a bit of Monty Magic to help keep our lovely team happy whilst they work incredibly hard. I love scrapbooking (should I confess this publicly?) Favourite chocolate bar:- All of our Peanut Butter products, funny thing is I hate peanut butter from a jar!




Caroline - Office Manager

The first point of contact at the end of the phone – answered with a smile!  I once did a bungy jump in Queenstown, New Zealand – never again, not even for chocolate!  Favourite Chocolate: Milk Chocolate Truffles and Dark Chocolate Lordy Lord – yummy!



Demelza - Ecommerce Manager

Brains behind our new website but don’t blame me for your handwritten gift note - I didn’t write it! Lover of holidays and owner of one rather large cat! Favourite Chocolate: Space Hopper Bar, sweet orange & milk chocolate is just the best! Campaigning for the return of Lost in Space. Currently enjoying maternity leave.


Daisy - Commercial Development Manager

I look after new trade customers, whether you are an independent, wholesaler, supermarket, restaurant, online, or on the high street or maybe a simple pop up cafe, please get in touch! I am a massive fan of the sea and I always find an excuse to be in it whether it's kitesurfing, paddle boarding or surfing! Favourite chocolate bar has to be ‘54% with Butterscotch’ or ‘Dark with Chilli!' Currently enjoying maternity leave.



Meet the Team Tom

Tom - Procurement Controller

 I’m responsible for ensuring that we have enough chocolate, packaging and all the other little bits that go into making our delicious products! Working closely with production enables a steady supply to our customers, which is the clever excuse I give to get into the factory and snack! Father of two, husband of one and boss of no-one! Favourite chocolate: The Dark Side, because everyone has one!



Anna - Procurement Manager

Simply making sure that we have all of the components we need in order to get our lovely products out of the door on time! Gardening enthusiast, I love my allotment. Favourite Chocolate: Chilli & Lime Bar, Open Sesame Bar, Moondance Truffles.



Gill - Product Development & General Production

I have a passion for golf and holidays, especially when they come as a pair! My favourite Montezuma's chocolate is Kingdom Peanut Butter Bar and the American Idol Salted Caramel Truffles.



Kirsty - Graphic Designer

I’m Montezuma’s in-house Graphic Designer (I do more than just colouring in...honest!) I design everything for the business from packaging (i’m a full on packaging geek!) to brochures and signage. I’m an avid lover of photography and travelling (even better when the two are combined on my seemingly annual trips to Iceland) My favourite Monty’s chocolates are American Idol Truffles - Milk chocolate and salted caramel...what more could a girl want!


Paris - Account Manager

I look after a number of lovely customers from the supermarket and export sector. Hoping that someday someone wants me to deliver chocolates to the Maldives! As a lover of Christmas, my favourite Montezuma’s product has to be Peanut Butter Snowballs!




Rachel - Finance Manager

Whilst at Montezuma’s I live in the land of analysis, accruals, balance sheets, remittances, reconciliations, prepayments, spreadsheets, and calculations galore to name but a few of my tasks. When not battling with the figures on my desk I am busy calculating the costs of renovating my old cottage. Favourite chocolate:  Very difficult because I love them all, but I guess it has to be the magical Christmas Stollen  - my annual plea of ‘save some for me’  is notorious!



Pawel - Services Manager

Responsible for the safe and timely despatch of our chocolate to our wholesalers, stockists and our own stores. Loves holidays and rock music! Favourite chocolate: Columbian Cappuccino Truffles. 




Mariusz - Production Manager

I am responsible for the day to day running of the production department. Lover of bird watching, fishing and fixing machines! My favourite chocolate bar is Orange & Geranium -  it is the reason I spend a lot of my free time in the gym!



Conna - Planning, Resource and Compliance Manager

Responsible for factory planning, a fan of Chelsea FC (do not hold it against me) and an owner of one unfortunate looking Pug! Favourite Chocolate: Sweet Summertime, White Chocolate with Raspberry YUM!


Charlotte M

Charlotte - Commercial Sales Manager

Making sure Montezuma’s is available to buy wherever you may be in the world! Fan of travelling, puzzling & country music. Dreams of living “off grid” in Iceland (the country not the shop!). Favourite Chocolate: Chilli & Lime. Smooth, zesty and just a teeny bit fiery! Currently enjoying maternity leave.


Jasmine - Marketing Assistant 


I have the wonderful job of looking after all things marketing at Montezuma’s, making sure everyone knows how yummy our chocolate is (which isn’t difficult)! You’ll normally find me tweeting and drooling over chocolate recipes on Instagram. Lover of coffee and Taylor Swift and mother of Oscar and Luna (the kitties). Obsessed with travelling and dreaming of the day I can live in Holland with my sausage dog, Bertie (a girl can dream!)  My favourite Monty’s chocolates are Sea Dog and American Idol truffles


Kate Harding - Technical Manager


Charlie - Ecommerce Senior Administrator


Responsible for keeping all of our online customers happy. Bookworm and Cinema fan. Favourite Chocolate: Minted and Milk Buttons, the smaller the easier to hide!


Vicky - People and Culture Assistant

I ensure all the administration related to our people is completed and help to look after our amazing teams by spreading some Monty’s magic. I love spending time at the beach and outside! Favourite chocolate is still the Milk chocolate giant buttons!


Kym Soper - Sales Administrator 

I take care of the local Independent shops, and put all our Trade orders on the system so that our Factory and Despatch team can turn them into deliveries of delicious chocolate, to make sure your favourite bars are always available at your local stockist! When I’m not at work, I love all things crafty – usually found hunched over a sewing machine, or liberally spattered with paint! 


Meet the Team Marsha

Marsha - Retail Area Manager

Better known as "the traveller" making sure the retail side runs smoothly with great customer service. A huge Foody and sun worshipper. My favourite bar is milk chocolate chilli and lime , smooth refreshing and spicy!


Zoe Lane - Office Administrator

Responsible for making all our visitors welcome, directing calls and helping with the office paperwork which involves making sure our shops have lots of lovely chocolate.  I own a very fluffy white cat and have a passion for Printmaking.  Favourite chocolate:  Minted

Meet the Team Jacqui

Jacqui - Receptionist & Customer Services

Pleasing customers is my game, keeping them happy is my aim,( bit of rapping ). Favourite thing long walks on the beach and afterwards a cuppa tea and piece of Sea dog with it, lime bliss.

Lauren - Finance Assistant

My job is to assist Rachel the Finance Manager ensuring all the finance admin is up to date and in order.

I enjoy travelling, especially to hot, sunny places and when not at work I’m busy running around after my son and making sure he’s not getting into too much mischief.

Favourite chocolates are the Space Hopper bar and Peanut Butter Truffles.

Debbie Epstein - Marketing Director

David Oliver - Head Of Digital

Carl Moore - Finance Director