At Montezuma's, we think mums are amazing and deserve all of our love and attention on Mother's Day! We asked our wonderful team what they loved about their mum, or why they find it so wonderful being a mum. Thank you mums for being the best!



My mum is the ultimate mum in my eyes. She’s always been there for me, my three siblings (and all of our children and friends!) with hugs, support and a shoulder to cry on.  She has dedicated her life to being ‘Mum’ which in a time when mums are expected to be so much more, is an important reminder that just being mum is enough, not to mention challenging, chaotic and incredibly hard work…!


My mum is my best friend, we get on so well and enjoy spending time together especially when on a sunny holiday. She would do anything for me and she’s amazing – I love her millions!





I love my mum because she has always given me the freedom to do everything I have ever wanted, and has always supported me too. She has taught me to live life to the fullest and to peruse all my dreams, because we only get one shot. 


My mum has taught me resilience, strength and most importantly kindness (along with the love of a good cocktail)





I love my mum as she has always inspired and encouraged me to reach my full potential and you're never too old for a hug from your mum.


Being a mum is by far the most rewarding, scary, wonderful experience of my life. My girls have shown me what matters in life and have brought a joy that I never knew existed. Cheesy but true.






I love my mum because she has always been there when things go wrong and always supported and inspired my creativity.


I love my Mum because... It has always been acceptable to end the evening with a kebab!