The Innovator

Welcome to ‘The Innovator’ – Our brand new newsletter. Here you can find out about the exciting life of the people who run Montezuma’s, as well as bringing you some exciting content including delicious recipes, great competitions and lots more things that we think you, our Montezuma’s family will love.

We've teamed up with recipe creator SpamellaB to bring you some mouth watering recipes, using our chocolate of course!

We asked our wonderful team what they loved about their mum, or why they find it so wonderful being a mum. Thank you mums for being the best!

Coffee and chocolate; the best combination! The lovely team at Square House Coffee have paired some of their coffee with our Absolute Black bars.

There's never been a better time to add plants to your indoor space. Sarah at The Little Botanical tells us how to style ours homes with beautiful plants!

We had a blast in 2018! If you're a frequent reader of The Innovator, you'll know we love fundraising for our favorite charity, Children On The Edge.

When you think of Montezuma's, you may think we simply just sell chocolate, but in reality we are so much more than that!

Have you ever wondered what it's like to work for a chocolate company? Here's an access all areas insight into the people who run Montezuma's!


Way before retailers started charging us all 5p for a plastic carrier bag we came up with the idea of asking our customers for a donation if they needed to use one of our bags.