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This stunning chocolate recipe book from founders Simon and Helen Pattinson brings chocolate into the kitchen as a versatile and delicious ingredient in all its decadent glory. A must have for chocolate lovers, Montezuma’s fans and creative cooks. This beautifully photographed book is sure to keep everyone sweet.



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With their melt-in-the-mouth chocolate recipes, Co-founders Helen & Simon explore how chocolate can be used as a versatile ingredient. The Sweet Treats chapter introduces a host of delicacies including Salted Caramel Truffles and a brilliant papier-mâché inspired Easter Egg. Cakes, Bakes & Pastries covers everything from Black Forest Gateau to Chocolate & Pear Tartlets. After-dinner delights are divided into Chilled Desserts, including the meltingly tempting Chocolate Bombe, and Warm Puddings, such as the Orange & Geranium Chocolate Soufflé, while the sensational Savoury chapter pushes the boundaries with such unusual yet delicious dishes as Penne with White Chocolate, Roquefort & Pistachio Sauce.

 The collection of chocolate recipes is completed with a chapter on drinks, including hot chocolates, milkshakes and cocktails, making this chocolate cookbook a must for chocolate lovers, Montezuma's fans and creative cooks.

We really do think we have the best chocolate cookbook around. Why not treat yourself to a loved one to this fantastic chocolate gift.