Values & Vision

Here at Montezuma's, we like to shout about being "innovative British Chocolate" so we should be clear about why it's important to us to be British. Well in our minds, being British means having our heart and soul based on this beautiful island, making the most of all it has to offer and giving as much back as we possibly can.

Great Britain has long stood for quality, fairness and great things, all of which we work hard towards and aspire to every day. But what does this mean in practice we hear you say?

Well, we manufacture all of our own products in our own factory in West Sussex, currently employing around 70 people. This allows us to have direct control over what we are making. We think it's cheating to simply put your name on the packaging while contracting another company to make all of your products.

You can be sure every single one of our products has been made by us so whether you want to thank us or blame us, at least you know who to talk to.

All of our new product development is carried out by us as a result of bright ideas and feedback from customers, staff and anybody else who thinks they have dreamt up the next best chocolate creation! A new product you try in one of our stores one week may have only been created a week earlier in our development kitchen, that's how fast we can respond because it's all done there, in our own little kitchen.

Don't tell our competition but it's our aim to quietly become Britain's Greatest Little Chocolate company!

Helen and Simon Pattinson Co-Founders