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  • Monty's Bakers - Zingy Satsuma Jaffa Cakes
    Hello! I'm Rosy, I'm the store manager at the Montezuma's shop in Winchester. Our store has lots of history so I wanted to share a timeless classic, Jaffa Cakes. Dark chocolate and orange is one o...
  • Monty's Bakers - Chocolate & Apricot Flapjacks!
    Hello, it's Caroline again, it appears that I've been appointed by many as the official office baker! This has become one of the Monty’s office favourites - my Chocolate, Apricot, Fruit and Seed Fla...
  • Working with Children on the Edge in Uganda part 2
    The Question of Hope After a day or two in Loco I began thinking about COTE’s aim of restoring the ingredients of a full childhood through “hope, life, colour and fun”. I’m confident that the...
  • Working with Children on the Edge in Uganda part 1
    Montezuma’s – Working with Children on the Edge in Uganda part 1 Helen Pattinson, Montezuma’s Co-Founder, recently travelled to Loco in Uganda for a week to help set up a new play scheme for di...
  • Green Water Waste from Chocolate!
    Over the last year or so, we have introduced a new process at our head office and factory to turn waste water into animal feed, which is part of our quest to work as sustainably and ethically as possi...
  • Monty's Bakers - Cookie Pots
    Hello I'm Demelza, head of our e-commerce department here at Monty's. I'm not particularly renowned for my cooking skills (just ask the team about the great microwave fire of 2014...) however this is ...
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