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We simply love chocolate bars! They offer so much potential for experimentation but also they demonstrate such clarity of flavour. You may find the number to choose from simply overwhelming, but we've created these bar stacks and chocolate bar collections to help those who just can't choose between their favourite flavours!

  1. the chocolate bar library - milk chocolate bar collection in blue box
    Milk Bar Library
  2. the chocolate bar library - 5 chocolate bars in a box
    Mixed Bar Library
  3. Christmas chocolate bar library with 5 bars inside. In festive blue and green packaging
    Christmas Chocolate Bar Library
    Special Price $9.75 Regular Price $19.49
  4. Mini Bar Library
    Mini Bar Library
    Out of stock
  5. the chocolate bar library - dark chocolate bar collection in blue box
    Dark Bar Library

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Try our Best Chocolate Bar Gift Boxes and Collections

Our best selling chocolate bar collections include our classic favourites in a neat little Library collection, we also offer a huge range of bars in mini, creatively known as ‘Mini bars’. Both options make amazing gifts for Birthdays, Anniversaries or even staff presents at corporate events.