Chocolate Buttons


We love our giant buttons so much that we have them in every chocolate option. Whether you prefer the taste of creamy white chocolate, rich dark chocolate, smooth milk chocolate or walk on the wild side with our Absolute Black 100% cocoa, we’re sure you’ll find our bite-sized buttons the perfect treat for every occasion. Some of our customers love to keep a bag of buttons in their top drawer at work while others put them on a plate for their Book Club meetings, whatever the reason our award-winning chocolate will be sure to put a smile on your face.

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Montezuma Chocolate Buttons – Perfect for Sharing (Or Not!))

An ever popular product and just right for that chocolate moment, either in private or to share. We have three varieties to choose from here, including: Dark chocolate butons (74% cocoa), Milk chocolate buttons (37% Cocoa) or our creamy White chocolate buttons. All of our Montezuma chocolate buttons are organic, gluten-free, soya free and free from colourings and preservatives. Our organic dark chocolate buttons are also made without dairy, making the perfect self indulgent treat or as the perfect Vegan chocolate gift for those on a vegan diet.

Our buttons are available in a nifty, sustainable bag, perfect for lunchboxes or a little gourmet chocolate treat. Alternatively, our milk and dark chocolate buttons are available in a handy whopping glass kilner jar - The neck of this jar is carefully designed to ration the speed of your giant button delivery … fast or very fast!

These organic chocolate buttons jars are the perfect corporate gift – and are a brilliant way to send a token of appreciation to your staff and clients this Christmas!

Look no further for your chocolate delivery – we are able to post your handmade chocolate hamper all around the UK and Europe as well as offering chocolates by post to the USA and Canada.

We like our Giant Chocolate Buttons to be the ultimate social chocolate. Spread around the joy of great chocolate in a button and don't be shy about offering them around, although you may want to hide half the packet first!

All of our chocolate button jars and button bags are fabulous and will make more well known buttons pale in their shadow.

'I cannot be without a packet or a jar of these amazing buttons! So smooth and creamy these are my absolute favourite treat. They are organic too so I'm more than happy that my children adore them! Quick delivery and great customer service. Thanks Monty's!' - Tina, Brighton.

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