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Our Chocolate Truffle collections are hand designed by us to bring you the very best of our luxury truffles, including a variety of flavours and type, from dark chocolate to white chocolate!

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  1. christmas truffle box, blue packaging with stars
    Christmas Grand 25 Truffle Collection
    Special Price $15.00 Regular Price $29.99
  2. XL christmas truffle box - blue box with 50 chocolate truffle inside
    Christmas Grand 50 Truffle Collection
    Special Price $24.50 Regular Price $48.99
  3. festive blue box of chocolate truffles
    Christmas Grand Truffle Collection - 25 Truffles
    Special Price $15.00 Regular Price $29.99

15 Item(s)

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We generally strive for a firmer ganache centre with a good snappy chocolate shell. Every one of our truffles has an individual appearance and we continue to follow our fundamental policy of fine innovative chocolate made using the best ingredients; always with a liberal dose of love and care, handmade with love in Sunny West Sussex!

We have a great selection of handmade chocolate truffle collections, including our best selling mixed collection that we call Grand. The Grand Truffle Collection is our best selling truffle collection, as it includes a selection of our finest chocolate truffles from the truffle bag collections, and is available in medium, large and extra large boxes. Our medium size truffle box contains 16 truffles, our large truffle box contains 25 truffles and our extra large collection, which makes for the best chocolate anniversary or birthday gift, contains 50 truffles. That is a lot of luxury chocolate in one box!

We also have other chocolate truffle boxes, our dark chocolate truffle box and our all milk chocolate truffle collections remain popular for those that only like dark chocolate or milk chocolate. We also have a hugely popular In the Pink Truffle Box, including some of our most girly truffles- making a great gift for girls as it is tied with a beautiful pink ribbon.  Our Organic and Vegan Chocolates remain a firm favourite with those avoiding dairy making this collection box suitable for a vegan diet as it is dairy free.

Order your favourite gourmet chocolate truffles online and have your chocolate gift boxes delivered by post.